Verify fails because file is not there

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I've encountered similar errors when attempting to perform Verifies on backups to optical discs on my last two backups.  The Verify fails with the error:

Backup aborted! - 'File Name -00-00.mrbak' Verification failed at 100% (Block 4xx hash value is incorrect)

Both Block hash values were 3 letters, beginning with a 4.

The reason this failure occurs is because the written that should have been written to the optical disc is NOT there.  Once I reinsert the disc and rerun the backup a 2nd time, the backup finishes fine.

I've restarted Windows between each attempt and it still happened.

The last time this didn't happen was December 23rd with 1.3 MB of files.  December 24th's failed on 98.4 MB.  Today's failed at 81.0 MB.

I reinserted the ejected discs after each fail and checked and the target file is not on the disc.  So, the obvious reason the Verify failed with a block hash failure is because the file isn't there.  But, why is the file not being the written time the backup is executed, but is being written the 2nd time?

Any ideas?  Thanks!

EDIT: Could have been because of a corrupt target disc.  The optical disc being used as a target was formatted as a giant floppy.  I ejected the BD-RE DL, left it ejected, and restarted Windows.  Upon restart of Windows, I reinserted the disc and Windows said it needed repairs.  I ran the repairs, ejected the disc again, reinserted it, and reran the backup test.  It ran fine that time.  And those 2 failures were the only failures I've gotten since the 23rd.  Then again, they were the only backups of files to optical discs made since then, and both had initially failed.  So, you'd think if it was a corrupt disc, it would been said as such by Windows the last two times I inserted it.

EDIT 2: I'm starting to believe the problem is the target writer, not the medium or any problem in Windows.  I performed another test where I ran the same backup 3 times to test and it wrote 3 test files.  So, I deleted those, ejected the disc, and reinserted the disc.  That's when I noticed something; the deleted files were not actually deleted!  Repeated deletion tests showed that File Explorer was showing them deleted until the discs were ejected and reinserted, when the files would still be there.  So, I formatted a BD-RE, performed 3 more read tests, and repeated the deletion test.  First, got a prompt to scan the defective disc for errors.  After repairs, the deletion test still showed the same results.  That the files appear deleted but are not actually deleted.  So, I put the BD-RE DL in another drive and repeated the 3 write tests.  Windows prompted to repair the disc in the other drive, too, but, once repaired, deletion tests worked this time.  So, I repeated 3 more write tests, deleted the 3 files, and they stayed deleted in the 2nd drive.  This leads me to believe there's a problem with the BD writer.  It's either that or a Windows configuration error for that drive in the system.  Since the drive is about 1.5 to 2 years old, I'm more apt to believe it's a problem with the drive having reached the end of its life over a Windows configuration error for that drive.  So, I'm going to replace the current target drive.  I have another copy of this drive that is about 2 or 3 years old, but, last time it was used a few months ago, it still worked.

FINAL EDIT: I am calling this the final edit because it seems to be resolved.  The issue did, indeed, seem to lie in the old BD burner I swapped out.  I swapped in the nearly 3 year old copy of the same model of BD burner I took out, performed a backup write test, and deleted the test file.  File Explorer showed it was deleted.  I ejected the disc and reinserted it.  File Explorer did, indeed, show that the file had actually been deleted.  So, I am going to conclude the issue was with the old BD burner I swapped out.  And that it has been resolved by replacing it.

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