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Error deleting: 'c:\boot\macrium\WA10KFiles'

By garystearns - 26 August 2016 2:40 AM

Trying to create rescue media on new installation of MR Home 6. I get the above error. Uninstalled everything and reinstalled. Still get error. How can a new installation not work in such a basic way????

By Arvy - 26 August 2016 7:04 AM

Have you checked the C:\boot\Macrium folder and its access permission settings.  That's the target location where Reflect's rescue media "wizard" normally creates (or tries to) its WinPE rescue build that can be used as a system boot option and/or copied onto rescue media.  If you can remove that folder manually, the "wizard" will (re-)create everything that is required on whatever drive is selected in Reflect's default settings (Other Tasks -> Edit Defaults -> Advanced -> Macrium Reflect PE Files).

If you wish, you can also delete the folders under "C:\ProgramData\Macrium\Reflect\Windows Kits" that are used as the PE-10 base source for creating and updating Relect's rescue media, but if you do that, the "wizard" will need to re-download the Windows Kit from Microsoft during the build process.
By Gosha - 26 August 2016 4:44 PM

Hello garystearns,

Thanks for using our forum.

Can you please try the following steps in order to resolve the issue you are experiencing:

1. Delete the following folders from your Windows system:

(Please note some folders might not exist based on your Windows)

C:\ProgramData\Macrium\Reflect\Windows AIK
C:\ProgramData\Macrium\Reflect\Windows Kits

2. Once you have deleted these folders please try a Windows 'Clean boot' as described below:

(This step is important as it makes sure no 3rd party software is interfering with Reflect)

3. Once you have entered the 'clean' Windows environment please prepare your USB stick according to the KB article below and rebuild the Rescue Media.

If the above will not work please submit us a ticket mentioning this forum post and one of our support technicians will be able to assist you further.