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Scripted backup failing at "validating location"

By fdinkler - 23 June 2016 1:31 PM

Using Reflect 6 on Win10, backup target is a Synology DS1511+ NAS w/15 Tb, about 5 Tb free.
Backups (file and image) run fine when launched with Reflect GUI.
When run as scheduled jobs, 90% of the time, all will fail attempting to write to the network drive. 10% of the time, they complete without error.
They either all fail, or all complete.

The target folders are mapped to the local machine, and I originally used the mapped drive letters in the target URL.
Based on reading other posts, I changed the scripts to use the IP address directly (// instead of the local mapped drive letter.
It didn't make any difference, same results.

All scripts fail at the same point:
Starting Image - Thursday, June 23, 2016 01:32:02
Validating location:\\\fred-backup\ - Invalid (The user name or password is incorrect.)

The mapped drive letters are correct.  The IDs and passwords are correct.
I even left the File Explorer  open, with the mapped folders showing, before the scripts ran.

There doesn't appear to be a way to include IDs and passwords in the script, directly. 

Suggestions on debugging and/or resolution?
Thanks,  Fred
By Lee - 23 June 2016 3:50 PM

Hello fdinkler,

This may be due to incorrect credentials being provided or these credentials can no longer be located, this will be because the credentials used to login to the server were cached at the time. Cache is only temporary meaning Macrium Reflect is having trouble locating these credentials because they are no longer stored.

Please open Reflect, go to 'Other Tasks' > 'Edit Defaults' and under the 'Network' tab add the share path and logon credentials for the destination drive you wish to backup to (\\SERVER\Macrium Backups). The following article provide more information.

Once you have added your credentials your script should not have any further accessing the destination drive.