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Folder locked - Backup already running in this folder

By Labdoc - 19 September 2023 1:42 PM

Running Reflect Home 8.1 bld 7638 on Windows 11 x64
I had scheduled disk image backups running OK in Full - Diff - Incr sequence. Incrementals were intra-daily every 15 min. Then I changed the schedule to intradaily every 30 min. Also, I uninstalled ESET antivirus. Now the intradaily backups fail with the error "Folder locked - Backup already running in this folder"
Also, the control+Alt+M window is blank.
I tried running the VSS repair utility. It did not fix the error.
How can I troubleshoot? Or, is it faster to create new backup XML files?
By dbminter - 19 September 2023 3:00 PM

First, restart the PC.  Then, before starting the backup again, check in the target folder where you're saving the backup file set.  Look for a straggling file that's called something like "backup running" something.  It should have no file extension if I remember correctly.  Delete that file.  It's sometimes leftover from backups that are running.  Then, try the backup again.
By Labdoc - 19 September 2023 5:17 PM

Thank you.
Problem fixed by the VSS repair and rebooting, maybe mostly be rebooting.
Phantom "backup_running" was not the problem, but thanks for the idea -- noted for next time if needed.