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"Prompt" Backup Operation.

By Froggie - 19 September 2023 12:20 PM

I have a DeskTop ShortCut set up to manually perform my regularly nightime GFS operation in case I leave my System earlier that that operation is scheduled.  I used to run this operation interactively, rather than in the background, because it didn't pop up the operation window and only caused a NOTIFICATION to be generated.  Sometime recently, it started popping up the unwanted operation window... I know not why.  To rid myself of this window, I set the manual operation to run in the background, which of course it does.

BUT, when running it in the background, it now no longer accepts COMMENTS changes prior to the execution of the operation, which it always did before (that's why I have the MANUAL operation to allow me to perform an unscheduled night time GFS operation and explain why its needed.

This seems to be two different issues (maybe) as I never had to run my manual operations before in background mode (to rid myself of the operation windows in interactive mode).  Are both of these anomalies by design... i.e. forced operation windows while running interactively AND no COMMENT changes allowed while running in the background even though offered by the PROMPT window?

I'm a little bit confused on these issues (they seem to be new to me... or maybe I'm new to mew00t).
By Balaji - 20 September 2023 12:48 PM

Hi @Froggie

Thank you for the post.

We have had customer reports that Desktop Shortcuts created with Prompt option were always running in the background instead of honouring the option select in the Prompt Options dialog box. We have addressed the issue in the last update 8.1.7638. This fix was mentioned as When a backup Desktop shortcut was created with the 'Prompt' option, backups were incorrectly running in the background. This has been resolved.

It is possible to add comment and run-it in the background if you create the Desktop Shortcut with Prompt option. However, there is a bug, as you have mentioned, that the comment is not getting saved when background option is selected. This will be addressed in the next update.

By Froggie - 20 September 2023 1:10 PM

Thanks @Balaji, will wait for the next update and use Interactive/Hide for the updated comments until then.