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Reflectmonitor.exe - creating / closing registry entry

By maw62 - 16 September 2023 12:57 PM

Just out of curiosity...

Coindidentally I noticed that Reflectmonitor.exe is creating and closing a registry entry 20x per second.

Like this:
14:25:02,063    reflectmonitor.exe    RegQueryKey    HKCU    SUCCESS
14:25:02,063    reflectmonitor.exe    RegCreateKey    HKCU\software\macrium\reflect\Settings    SUCCESS
14:25:02,063    reflectmonitor.exe    RegSetInfoKey    HKCU\SOFTWARE\Macrium\Reflect\Settings    SUCCESS
14:25:02,063    reflectmonitor.exe    RegQueryValue    HKCU\SOFTWARE\Macrium\Reflect\Settings\DebugLanguage    NAME NOT FOUND
14:25:02,063    reflectmonitor.exe    RegCloseKey    HKCU\SOFTWARE\Macrium\Reflect\Settings    SUCCESS

So, within 14:25:02   20x

Not sure what the purpose of reflectmonitor is. I am sure it is okay.

Macrium creates a backup each day, at first boot, differential and a full image backup every week (monday).

That is the only time it is used.

As said, just out of curiosity. Don't know if it is necessary (creating reg key etc.)

Thanks !
By capair45 - 16 September 2023 1:21 PM

...Not sure what the purpose of reflectmonitor is...

ReflectMonitor allows a user to observe the progress of running backups.  It can be called up by pressing CTRL  ALT  M all at once.  Once a backup completes (or during the backup), you can display the last results by pressing the key combination. If the computer has been restarted since the last backup, then a blank window will display with the key combination.
By maw62 - 16 September 2023 1:32 PM

Thanks a lot! I already had the feeling it would be something like that, but did not know.
But then I wonder, does it need to run all the time? As said, Reflect runs once a day only.
Checked ProcMon and it is showing roughly 390.000 x within about 4 minutes or so.
It does not impact the performance though, that is not the problem.
By capair45 - 16 September 2023 1:35 PM

You're welcome!

...does it need to run all the time?...

I'm afraid I can't answer that.  Perhaps another user or a Macrium representative can help.