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Updating WinPE10 base WIM from 1709 to 2004

By Froggie - 15 January 2023 3:27 PM

Under the latest application release (v8.1.7280), Rescue Media is supposed to be using v2004 when being created (Release Notes).  When I do this, both the Rescue Media BUILDER and the Rescue Media itself say they're still running v1709 (old WIM version).

How can I make the switch to v2004... or tell what WIM is really being used in case the info it's giving me is wrong?  Any help, greatly appreciated...

By dbminter - 15 January 2023 6:34 PM

I had wondered myself how to tell what version of WinPE/RE is being booted.  You could probably tell by opening a Command Prompt in Rescue Media and doing a VER.  Then, jot down that VER and do a search for that version string and see what WinPE/RE version that is.

This could be a leftover from a bug I found during beta testing.  Seems there was a typo in the WinRE version field at the top of the Rescue Media application title bar.
By Froggie - 15 January 2023 7:38 PM

Thanks, DB!  Turns out the running version is indeed v1709 not v2004.  We'll see where this goes...

By Andrew - 17 January 2023 12:21 PM

Hi Froggie,

We've made some server-side changes at our end - can you please launch the rescue media builder and try building the PE 10 rescue media again? You should now get a popup giving you the option to download the PE 10 v2004 files, or just use the existing v1709 ones.
By Froggie - 17 January 2023 3:10 PM

Good afternoon, Andrew!  My "boot/macrium" folder is not located on my OS drive (don't think this should be an issue).  The Rescue Media Builder process keeps producing the older PE ISOs until I wipe out the resident FileSet located in "boot/macrium/WA10KFiles/media" folder... at this point it offers me the new FileSet download you spoke of above, not until.

Is this really a requirement (the FileSet deletion) for the installed current verion, and if so, I've seen no reference to it in the documentation (I could easily have missed it, I guess)?  Just checking...
By Andrew - 18 January 2023 3:09 PM

Hi Froggie,

No, this isn't a deliberate requirement for the v2004 update. I think what happened is that the Rescue Media Builder detected that you'd already built 8.1.7280 rescue media, and concluded that it didn't need to do a full rebuild, it could save time by just reusing the existing wim file - and because it skipped rebuilding the wim file, it skipped checking what versions of the base wim were available for download. 

If you hadn't deleted the wim file from C:\boot\macrium\WA10KFiles, then the next update to Reflect would have prompted the Rescue Media Builder to do a full rebuild (because the version number would have changed), and so you'd have seen the "Optional Update To Windows PE 10" popup then instead.

(For future reference - if you open the Rescue Media Builder then hold down the Ctrl key, it adds a dropdown menu to the Build button, with an option to "Force WIM Rebuild" if Reflect's planning to just use the existing wim file, or to "Skip WIM Rebuild" if not. Just thought I'd mention this, since it might be more convenient than deleting the folder manually.)