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First F&F backup under Windows 10 and Reflect V6 failed with no files copied

By sharpcon - 31 March 2016 9:06 AM

Following a recent (accidental) upgrade from Windows 7 to 10, and a subsequent upgrade of Reflect from V5 to V6, I successfully performed an image backup, but then had problems when I attempted a "files and folders" backup (the first on this platform, but not the first I have ever done). My original backup scripts (used before the upgrades) were no longer offered, so I created a new one.
I selected a number of folders to backup and started the process. It took an age, but eventually produced a lot of red error messages. The final section is as follows:

Presumably the issue relates to file permissions, but this is an area that bemuses me and I need help to get back up and running again.
Please note that this all worked prior to Windows 10 and Reflect V6.

By Arvy - 31 March 2016 1:30 PM

Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade process, whether deliberate or "accidental", can change quite a lot, even including total removal of some software that it considers potentially harmful or incompatible with its own current functionality.  It should not, however, alter the user account and group permissions for access to your files and folders and, in any case, Reflect itself needs to run with administrator permissions.

It appears that, in some cases, in addition to the reported access permissions issue, it has been completely unable to locate some of the folders as specified for the backup operation reported in the log.  That seems to suggest that there may be some problem with the newly created task definition itself.  Does the task definition specify explicitly for inclusion those "C:\Users\Chris\Documents\..." subfolders that are named in the log and do you see them yourself when browsing that Documents folder with the Windows File Explorer?
By Nick - 31 March 2016 1:47 PM


Thanks for posting.  Sorry you are having problems.

The VSS snapshot may have failed mid-backup. This could cause the snapshot paths on 'C' to disappear and may affect access to the 'D' snapshot as well.  

Can you please follow step 3 described here to check for VSS events during the backup. If events are shown, you can use the 'Clipboard Copy' button to copy 'All displayed events' and paste them into your forum post. 
By sharpcon - 31 March 2016 3:40 PM

The folders definitely exist. They were added to the task definition using the browse facility.
I forgot to mention that the PC is running a 64-bit version of Windows 10.
The VSS log is attached.

By Arvy - 31 March 2016 4:13 PM

In that case, Nick's probable cause suggestion about a VSS failure seems more likely than mine about a possible task definition issue.  Unfortunately, I'm unable to look at the VSS log that you attached.  This forum just takes me back to its main page when I click on the attachment link using either Firefox or MSIE.  Hopefully, Nick will follow up here himself.  Alternatively, you could open a direct support request ticket and attach the log to that and/or you could try some of those VSS troubleshooting suggestions in that same KB section.
By Nick - 1 April 2016 10:45 AM


Thanks for that info. There are no VSS events in that list so there may be problem with AV/Security software.  If you haven't done so already, please open a support ticket so we can request more information.