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[User Error] Remove licence not working?

By Beardy - 15 April 2022 3:37 AM

Just restored an old backup so I could, to try to remove the need for telephone conversations, given the machine is about to be wiped & the program installed into a VM on it instead. (it won't run Win 10 natively, incompatibility with the ancient BIOS, but will happily do so in VirtualBox, & I'd rather not be running 7 & connected to the net on it).  I don't actually want to DOWNGRADE to 7 from 5 because of the damned backup consolidation feature... but since windows 10 requires it, I'll need to.

I can't ping (though I can ping any other domain and the forum address), & the program refuses to do the task.. every time I try it closes & upon re-opening &  checking it's still registered & licenced.

I simply DO NOT TRUST leaving the uninstall option checked to actually remove it in this circumstance.

Any ideas how to get the stupid thing to register that I'm removing the licence from the PC?  It's been powered off an *I think* running Linux & not downgraded to v7.x in the interim.. though I may be misremembering that. it's possible I applied sone of my keys before the attempted & failed upgrade to Win 10)

When I say it's an old backup.. it's a v5.3 licence I'm trying to ditch so I can use my purchased v7 upgrade rights...

  Preferably without having to use a damned telephone.. I truly hate the things.
By dbminter - 15 April 2022 2:17 PM

I have to wonder if maybe the license server web address in v5 was different back then.  That the reason it's not unregistering is it can't find the server to do so with because its address has changed.  Especially since v5 is no longer supported, then it couldn't probably be fixed to reflect a different address.
By JK - 15 April 2022 4:42 PM

I would suggest contacting tech support through -- they commonly assist with all sorts of registration issues.
By dbminter - 15 April 2022 4:50 PM

Oh, wait.  I may have misunderstood the initial issue.  I though the VM had v5 installed and the OP didn't want to "downgrade" it to v7 because of a function in it they didn't like.  I got the impression they were trying to unregister a v5 installation.
By Beardy - 18 April 2022 9:00 PM

Never mind, I couldn't unregister 5 because I'd installed 7.. found the later backup, restored that & 7 unregistered.