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Scheduled backups won't stay associated to definition files

By fcosta - 17 March 2022 11:43 AM

I'm using Macrium Reflect 8 Home and Macrium Reflect 8 Free.

After updating from Macrium Reflect 7 Free to Macrium Reflect 8 Free, i'm no longer able to see associated scheduled backups when editing definitions files, they show only on the tab scheduled backups - this only happens on Macrium Reflect 8 Free (Home is working fine and previous 7 Free was also working fine).

So i edit a definition file, add a scheduled backup, press finish and i can see the scheduled backup when i go to the respective tab. However as soon as i edit the definition file again to check the respective scheduled backup plan, it's empty!! And if i press finish when editing it deletes the current scheduled backups 😥

I have the latest version installed, tried to switch between Macrium Task Scheduler and Windows Task Scheduler, but its's the same issue.

Can someone help? Is this a bug or a missing feature from the free version? If its a removed feature it makes no sense...

By jphughan - 17 March 2022 3:03 PM

Definitely sounds like a bug or problem of some kind.  Editing a definition file should absolutely allow you to see the associated schedules, and clicking Finish without making any changes certainly shouldn't wipe them out.  That said, given that this is persisting even across a switch between task schedulers, I'm not sure what I'd suggest in terms of a remedy here.  Has this persisted even across a system restart?
By fcosta - 17 March 2022 5:36 PM

Hi and thanks for your answer!

This persists after a system restart and i have the issue on different machines.

I noticed the issue right after the 8 release, but kept waiting for an update to fix it, however update after update the issue wasn't fixed and now is breaking the flow of the backups...

I just tested the free version on a virtual machine and i can see the scheduled backups when editing the definition file. I will try to uninstall and install again to see if it gets fixed.

Thanks and will post the results
By jphughan - 17 March 2022 6:19 PM

Happy to help (or try to!)  If you choose to uninstall, you may need to choose to remove the various components that the uninstaller normally defaults to keeping.  Good luck!
By fcosta - 30 March 2022 4:53 PM

Hi there!

So i just got the time to test again. This time on a Windows 7 machine. Installed Macrium Reflect 8 Free today, created a plan with scheduled task, when i edit the plan i cant see and edit the associated scheduled task!

So uninstalled Macrium Reflect 8 Free and installed Macrium Reflect 7 Free and this problem is not present, when i edit the plan i can see the respective scheduled task!

I really think this is some kind of bug, is there a way i can send this info to Macrium Reflect support?
By jphughan - 30 March 2022 5:14 PM

Very interesting. If it’s reproducible though, that definitely improves prospects of a fix. Macrium Support may see this, but if not, you can go to their support page — — and click “Submit a ticket”. I would recommend including a link to this thread in your ticket. Good luck!
By JK - 30 March 2022 7:15 PM

To add to the information provided by JP regarding tech support:
  • To submit a ticket, you first need to register an account (which is different from the account used to access this forum).  The direct link to the support account registration form is
  • Please report back in this thread once your problem is resolved, to provide any insight you have gained about the cause of the problem and its solution (in case future readers of the forum encounter the same issue).
By fcosta - 4 April 2022 10:30 AM

So i have sent the support ticket to Macrium Reflect, but they answered that the free version doesn't have support... I understand that, i just wanted to report a very annoying bug, and so i replied them that.

Hope it gets fixed asap! 🤞
By Stephen - 4 April 2022 3:27 PM

Hello @fcosta

Thanks for posting I have reopened your ticket.

You will hear from us soon with a request for further information that will help us investigate.
By fcosta - 20 May 2022 2:36 PM

Hi to all!

So i went with the great Macrium Reflect support and we found what was causing the issue - saving the definition file (XML) on a folder with some special characters used in Portuguese language, like ã and â but in caps (Ã and Â), would cause the scheduled tasks to detach from the definition file.

We also figured this was not an issue of the Free version, as after i realized what was causing the issue i tested on my Home version, and it also had the issue.

Macrium already has a fixed update and i'm sure it will be released soon.

Thanks to all for helping, specially to Francisco from the Macrium Reflect support team - they are great!