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Advice needed on best way to reduce the amount of files kept

By mpooley - 27 February 2022 10:00 AM

I make an Incremental forever image of my c drive every day but the I am running out of space on my backup file.
I don't really understand the scheduling but I am thinking that by reducing the amount of files to keep would be the answer. This is present retention plan?
I have 50 files in the backup folder at present and the schedule.

By jphughan - 27 February 2022 1:56 PM

That retention plan will result in Reflect never purging any backups, because you have unchecked all of the available retention policies.  I would suggest enabling the Incremental policy and setting its policy to whatever you like based on how many backups (or how many days or weeks of backups) you wish to keep.  When your schedule next runs, Reflect will purge any Incremental backups older than your newly defined retention policy by consolidating their data into the root Full.  You may also want to define a Full retention policy simply because especially when backing up a Windows partition, there are circumstances where Reflect may have to create a new Full even if you asked for an incremental, such as when a Windows feature updates alters the partition map to make room for a larger Windows Recovery partition.  Currently you don't have a Full retention policy specified, nor do you have the option enabled to purge older backup sets when disk space runs low.  The result of that would be that a) new Fulls would be allowed to accumulate unconstrained, and b) if you run out of space, the backup will fail even if Reflect could otherwise have purged an older Full to free up space.

I personally would set your Full retention policy to 2 backups, or if you truly only want to keep 1 Full, then at least disable "Run purge before backup" so that if Reflect ever does need to create a new Full unexpectedly, it will at least finish that BEFORE deleting the existing Full rather than purging your only Full upfront before even starting to create the new backup.  This does however assume that you would actually have enough space to finish creating a new Full before purging the existing backups.  If you don't, I would suggest either revising your retention strategy or expanding your capacity, because having to delete all existing backups before you finish creating a new one is risky business.
By mpooley - 28 February 2022 11:26 AM

Thanks For great explanation! Have altered all my backups accordingly Smile
By jphughan - 28 February 2022 1:56 PM

Happy to help, and glad to hear you’re all set. Smile