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Help Selecting/Creating backup plan

By Memories4Life - 3 December 2021 4:03 PM

Hi all,

I am a dyslexic sufferer and struggle big time reading.  I am having a problem understanding how to create a back plan to fit my needs. i will explain my needs and hopefully someone can help me setup a plan that fits.

I have one system drive that requires backup.  I would like to make one full backup per month and run quick backups everyday. Not sure if i need to do Deferential and or increments along side the main backup and there are the schedules setup thats really freaking me out.

Hope i have provided enough info for someone to help me.  THank in advance.


Oh im using V8 by the ways
By jphughan - 3 December 2021 6:04 PM

I would suggest setting a Full schedule for once per month, and then an Incremental schedule for every day. Then I’m the retention policy section you’d just have to decide how many of each backup type to keep or how long to keep them. If you choose to retain Incrementals based on number of backups, you’ll see an option about creating a Synthetic Full if possible. I would recommend disabling that based on your plan.
By JK - 3 December 2021 6:27 PM

Hello LJ, welcome to the forum!

My suggestion would be to do monthly Full backups, and daily Incremental backups.

Before we get into detailed configuration steps, if scheduling backup jobs seems daunting, you do have the option of running the backup jobs manually (on demand) each day, which is very easy to do, and has the benefit that you can keep your destination drive (where your backup images are stored) disconnected when you're not actively performing a backup.   This is actually what I do currently -- in my case I do Incremental backups every evening, and every 30 days I do a Differential instead (in your case, this could be a Full).

Then, if/when you get tired of manually starting the backups (or if your preference is to run the backups unattended while you are away from your computer), then it is very straightforward to convert your existing manual backup job into an automated job that runs on a schedule.

Finally, depending on how much capacity there is on your destination drive, and how big your backup images are, you will at some point have to think about what to do when you run out of space.  You will have to decide what to keep and what to discard, but whatever you decide, you have the option of allowing Reflect to automate your decision in the form of a so-called "retention policy" (e.g., "keep the 3 most recent Full backups but only the Incremental backups from the most recent month").  If you have a lot of capacity on your destination media, you do not have to plan your retention policy right away, you can get started with your backups and just keep all images until you feel more comfortable setting up a retention policy for automated scheduled backups (or until you run out of space, whichever comes first!).

Perhaps you can share some information about how much data you have on your system drive, and what type of destination drive you plan to use for storing your backup images.  Also, please let us know how you feel about the options I have proposed above (starting simple, and gradually begin using more of the features available in Reflect).  Of course, if you prefer just to get everything set up and automated right away, there are people here who will be happy to walk you through step-by-step all of the software configurations.
By Memories4Life - 3 December 2021 7:44 PM

First i'd like to thank you both for chipping in on this, much appreciated. 

Since you both look as your say the same thing i address both of you in this one post. 

I have a larger system drive containing 491 GB of data.  This is my primary drive that i want Marium to back up.  These backups go to my NAS drive which has 8TB of space.  The NAS setup to only take Marium backups of my System drive for which I'd like to do automatically once per day (as u both suggested increments) and then one major backup per month. I dont really want to have 100's of the increments backed up so id really like to have maybe 2 full backups and one months' worth of increments which then gets deleted when a new full backup is created.  I really hope i have written things clear for you to understand.

Again, thanks to you both for helping me out here.

By jphughan - 3 December 2021 8:29 PM

That seems reasonable. But if you wanted to retain more backups simply because that sounds like it will be possible in your case, one option would be to simply disable your retention policies entirely by unchecking all of them, EXCEPT that you would keep the option enabled to purge older backup sets when free space reaches a certain level. You will be making a new Full and therefore a new set each month anyway, and you will clearly have room on your NAS for multiple sets. Additionally, Reflect can perform this old set purge even in the middle of a running backup if necessary. So in this setup, you would retain more backups but would still have old backups purged when needed (one set/month at a time) when needed to make room for new backups.

But if on the other hand you don’t feel any need to retain daily Incrementals longer than a month simply because you can, that is completely valid too. But I would certainly recommend retaining at least two Full backups as you said.

Happy to help and good luck! Smile
By Memories4Life - 4 December 2021 6:26 AM

I have tried what you guys have suggested at all seems to be working.  First full backup is complete and i see over the next week if the  increments have bet setup correctly.

Thank you for your help.