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Newer version of PE for Rescue Disk?

By ich - 21 October 2021 5:15 PM

Rescue Media is still created based on Windows 10 v1709 - is there any way to have it based on a more current version of Windows 10?

It seems that, if nothing else, driver compatibility would be improved with a later version of W10 as the base...
By jphughan - 21 October 2021 5:59 PM

Windows 10 1709 is what Macrium validated.  Prior to that it was 1607, but 1709 added support for multi-partition flash drives, and Macrium had a use case for that, so they moved to that.  If you want to use something newer and your host OS is actually running something newer, then choose WinRE as your Base WIM.  That will use the contents of your Windows Recovery partition, which should match the kernel of your installed OS (except maybe in a dual boot scenario).  But be aware that this also means that if Microsoft ever breaks something in a future release, your Rescue Media might break too.  The initial release of Win10 1809 had some issue that prevented Rescue Media from loading drivers at startup.  Microsoft retracted that release and the re-release of 1809 didn't have that issue, but it affected the early adopters.  The WinRE partition is also customized on a per-system basis, which has created some breakage too.  That is not the case with WinPE 10, where Rescue Media Builder downloads a package from Microsoft that does not get customized before Rescue Media Builder uses it, so it's a consistent foundation.

Also be aware that Rescue Media Builder is already designed to deal with drivers.  If Rescue Media Builder determines that the WinPE/RE kernel you're using doesn't have suitable drivers, it will automatically copy them from your host OS if that's a viable choice based on your OS and the WinPE/RE kernel you're using or else ask you to provide them.  Driver packages typically aren't all that large, so even if 1709 lacks driver support that's available in newer releases, you might prefer to stick with the additional driver rather than signing up whatever Microsoft sends down the pike and whatever has been added to your specific instance.  For example, my WinRE builds are quite a bit larger than my WinPE builds because my system's touchpad drivers were added to my system's WinRE partition, and that driver package includes a few hundred MB worth of high-res videos to demonstrate various gestures.  Unnecessary in Rescue, but they're part of that driver package.