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Missed Backups - No Warning

By wayne_sw - 12 July 2021 10:06 PM

We've had some hiccups with Macrium lately so I've been auditing the backups in service and have found A LOT of computers with missed backups and no explanations as to why. One for example, has been setup with Reflect Free 7.3.xxxx with weekly SSD drive backups to an internal rotating drive. SSD = C & D drives with UEFI partitions mixed in. Weekly, Wednesdays 
@ 10pm. The computer is a desktop and on all the time behind a battery backup, so not likely.. ever off.

Here is the rundown of the log for the past year:

Those are some giant leaps when relying on backups, especially in the Microsoft climate of us all being beta testers for them. We shouldn't have to be beta testers for Macrium as well. I'd guarantee the computer was on at the time, though I can't confirm whether it was logged in.. nine times out of ten this PC is Windows Key - L locked at the end of the night and left, baring any Windows updates that may force a reboot. Regardless, that is a lot of missed weeks of backups, especially May & June. 

Where would a person start to see what is going on and why the backups are not running and why are missed backups not being logged? I checked Other Tasks -> Edit Defaults -> Schedule and found this machine was still set to "Use the Windows Task Scheduler", but the backups have been failing/missing for a lot longer than that new feature has been out. Plus, reading here on the forum, others have mentioned better luck with missing backups by going back to WTS, so I wouldn't expect things to be worse. 

By jphughan - 12 July 2021 10:36 PM

If you're using Windows Task Scheduler, the place you'd look would be in the Task Scheduler application, specifically the History tab of the specific scheduled task in question.  Unfortunately, task history is disabled by default under WTS.  If you were using Macrium Task Scheduler, I was about to say that you could see its history by going to the Scheduled Backups tab in Reflect, selecting the task in question, and checking the History tab there.  But I've been using Macrium Task Scheduler and my specific tasks for quite a while, and yet my tasks show no history there.  Not sure if that's because I'm using PowerShell scripts or if this is otherwise somehow expected for my setup.  I knew about that History tab, but I've never checked it until now since I hadn't had a reason to do so.  But I switched from WTS to MTS because under WTS, my monthly Full schedule would always run on the appointed day AND on the day before, regardless of whether I used "First Sunday" or "First day of the month".  MTS has not had that issue.