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Can I ReDeploy to a larger drive?

By gulfcoastfella - 30 November 2015 1:44 AM

I have a 250 GB SSD in my laptop, and would like to replace it with a 500 GB SSD.  I use Macrium Reflect to regularly back up my laptop, and have created the necessary recovery media to recover from a failure.  I'd like to know if ReDeploy can be used to move my current SSD's contents to a new, higher capacity SSD without being restricted to using only 250 GB of the 500 GB drive.

I should add the reason for my concern.  I had a SSD drive fail on my desktop, and when I replaced the dead drive with a new one, I opted for one with more capacity.  When Reflect restored my content to the new drive, only half of the new drive was usable because the dead drive was half the size of the new drive.  That's what's driving my concern.
By et_and_family - 30 November 2015 5:06 PM

If you install your 500GB SSD hard drive in the same computer that the 250GB SSD hard drive was installed, you will not need to run ReDeploy, just restore an Image:
Restore as per tutorial: at step 5. immediately after dragging the first partition from the Source to Destination click on 'Restored Partition Properties' and resize the partition as per step 6. > 'OK'
Only after resizing the first partition from the source drag the next partition from Source to destination and resize that.(if needed). etc.
Click 'Next' to undertake the restore.
Using Redeploy is normally only needed if you change the hardware such as the motherboard or change from non-RAID to RAID etc..
If you have a problem booting, reboot with rescue media and run 'Fix boot problems' as per tutorial:
If you have changed your motherboard then run ReDeploy immediately after restoring, see tutorial:
Hope this helps

By gulfcoastfella - 1 December 2015 1:23 PM

Thank you et_and_family, that's exactly the answer I was looking for!  BigGrin