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Request to open an existing VM using Viboot rather than just creating new one

By Danskeman - 4 June 2021 3:16 AM

I requested this in a Reflect V7 wishlist but I have decided this may be a better place.

I would like a feature to be able to open up a windows licenced virtual machine with viboot.

I have a legitimately licenced vm. Windows 10 licencing is tied to the hardware id and you can change drives to your hearts content.  On virtual machines, the hardware id is emulated and vm is activated in exactly the same way.

I would like to be able to open my own vm, as using an unactivated vm restricts personalisation features which go beyond background screens affecting configuration of a number of features.

Currently, I have to shut down viboot, navigate to folder containing vhd, select HyperV merge option to merge the viboot differencing disk with parent disk, and then I am able to copy merged vhd to my repository of Vhds.  I can the open the merged vhd in licenced vm and have full access to personalisation features.

Unfortunately, this is only one directional i.e. I can make changes in new vhd but I cannot commit changes back to Reflect.  Instead I have to boot licenced vm from Reflect and reimage backup drive.

So yeah, I can work around current only new vm  constraint of Viboot but is very cumbersome and time consuming.

It would be very slick to open an existing (licensed) vm and use that and avoid all the hoops and loops I have to go through.