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Basic schduling

By HarpKat - 8 March 2015 5:58 AM

I chose the "Grandfather, Father, Son" scheduling backup plan template and noticed that Saturday's were missing from the Incrementals.  Why?  Also, the template specifies that Full, Diff and Incr backups start on the same day/time.  Is that the proper way to set up backups?  Does Macrium just figure out which type of backup it's supposed to run, even though it appears they all run simultaneously once per month, with the Diff overlapping the Incr 4 times per month.  I hope that this question make sense.  If we get through this, there's a follow up question!


Please correct spelling error on forum header.

By Froggie - 8 March 2015 1:04 PM

HarpKat, the running joke out here in MacriumLand is that the GFS "weekday only" setup is because nobody from Macrium works on weerkends.  Feel free to edit that shedule item and set it for "Everyday" instead of "Weekdays."

...and yes, it's fine to have them all set up for the same time... Macrium figures out the right thing to do and does it (Full over Dif and Inc, Dif over Inc, etc.)

Ps- and feel free to add you own schedule items... they'll play just fine with the RETENTION RULES.
By HarpKat - 8 March 2015 6:56 PM

Thanks, makes more sense now.
By HarpKat - 9 March 2015 6:03 PM

But, going back to my original post, WHY is Saturday missing from the incremental, when the grandfather, father, son template is chosen?  Putting inside jokes about Macrium work schedules aside, this must be a mistake and should be fixed.  Not everyone is going to look at the template details and if someone had a disaster on a Sunday, and found that there had been no Saturday backup, there'd be hell to pay.  Macrium needs to get their templates right.
By Nick - 9 March 2015 6:19 PM


This is a 'template' that represents a working week. If this doesn't work for you then, as this is just a template, you can just modify it yourself. Take the 'Backup' > 'Backup Templates' menu option to change or add templates.
By HarpKat - 9 March 2015 9:04 PM


The template doesn't say that it's a workweek backup, it says "daily" incremental backups.  And, the whole construction of the template implies coverage for every day of the year, not every day of the year minus Saturdays.  And, millions of people consider Saturday to be a work day in their workweek, i.e., workweek is a subjective term.  

A template is easy enough to change, but that wasn't the point.