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Suddenly verifiation produces various errors

By AgedAndUgly - 8 November 2015 8:27 AM

I run a daily full system image onto a USB connected HDD. In the past without any problems. Today the backup completes without error, but the verification fails repeatedly.
- Sometimes with a number of "Index Load Failed" messages
- Sometimes with "incoorect hash" at various stages of the verification process.
I checked the drive both with the Windows and with the more stringent Seagate utilities, and found it correct. I also constantly monitor the disk's SMART values with CrystalDiskInfo, which reports the status as "good".
As far as I'm aware of, the running system has no hardware problems.
Your ideas would be highly appreciated.

By AgedAndUgly - 8 November 2015 9:37 AM

I have now done a number of test:
- used the same xml but without autoverify. Backup completed OK. Then ran verify separately. Failed. Tried again: failed at same location
- connected usb drive to different port. Ran verify again. Failed at same location
- connected usb drive to another port again. Ran the full backup with autoverify on: backup OK, verify failed again (at different location)
My cuurent surmise is a somewhat obscure error on the backup drive even though it reports as sound on diagnosis and as far as SMART is concerned. I therefore plan to replace it, unless my esteemed co-participants have other suggestions.
By AgedAndUgly - 8 November 2015 10:32 AM

As a further test I now performed a full backup with autoverify of my system disk to the other internal hard drive. This process completed OK in both phases. This reinforces my belief that the external usb drive, indeed, is in error. But I'm still amazed that Reflect verification identifies problems that all other disk checking tools AND the disk smart data fail to detect. Perhaps a Reflect guru could comment on that.
By Nick - 8 November 2015 11:33 AM

Hi Willem

Thanks for posting.

Are using a USB hub? If so, hubs are often the weak link in the data transfer channel. Try connecting directly to a USB port and using high quality cables. The thickness of the USB cable is a good indication of quality. 

Please see here for more information on how image verification works:
By AgedAndUgly - 9 November 2015 7:00 AM

Thank you for your input. I believe you pointed me in the right direction. As my laptop only has one USB port I have to use a hub. However, the one deployed had a thin and rather frayed connector lead. Yesterday I replaced it by another one with a more robust and thicker cable, and since have done two full backups with autoverify on targeting the existing external drive without error.