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Prompt to create new Rescue media on update of software

By dbminter - 26 October 2015 4:51 PM

On the web page where it lists the revision changes in new updates of the software, it notes whether users should update their Rescue media if a new update updates the Rescue media components.  I was thinking that maybe the software can prompt the user when the Rescue media creation wizard is opened.  When the software is updated, the wizard detects there's a new update to the WinPE components and if they should be downloaded.  I was thinking maybe this prompt could be added to to prompt the user to update their Rescue media.  Maybe a one time prompt on opening Reflect the first time after an update is installed that has new WinPE components and that the user should update their Rescue media.
By Gork - 28 October 2015 3:31 AM

I think your suggestion is valid.  That being said, just fyi, it has been requested in the past and Macrium's answer was to do what they are doing now - indicate in the release notes if it would behoove users to upgrade their rescue media.