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Macrium Reflect Rescue Media that shuts the system down after cloning operation finishes

By pmm - 31 December 2020 4:38 PM

Finally found this 'wish list', so sorry if I have this posted elsewhere.

I have now been using the Rescue Media to clone backup drives (I will slowly evolve to trying redeploying images, but for now I'm comfortable with whole-disk cloning as my drive backup) and it's very nice. 

But the one thing I notice that I used to like with Acronis bootable rescue media, was that Acronis had a check box for 'shut system down after cloning operation is finished' and I liked that.  I could start the cloning and leave it unattended and come back and everything is shut down where I can disconnect the cloned drive (or original) and reboot.  Unless I'm not doing it the correct way, I don't see where Macrium Rescue Media shuts simply ends and I've been 'exiting' the program to shut it down and it reboots, during which I pull my rescue media out of the USB slot as well as my USB-to-Sata cable that is connected to my cloned SSD.  I don't feel comfortable pulling those out while the computer is rebooting, so if someone can suggest a better way, or is it possible to just have a check box to shut the PC after cloning is done?  Thank you and Happy New Years.