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Can Macrium Reflect resize partitions when restoring to a smaller drive?

By SteveG - 25 September 2015 11:58 PM

I am trying to restore my Macrium backup / image from a 320GB drive to a 250GB drive, 4 partitions, please of disk space left even with the 250GB drive.   Is there something I am missing to resize the partions prior to restore?  I know when I used to use Acronis True Image if going to a smaller or larger drive the default would be to resize the partions "proportionately" or the software also provided a screen to change the size of the partitions on the target drive prior to starting the restore.  Does Macrium Reflect version 6 have this feature?  If so, please let me know how to find and use it.  Thanks,
By Joey - 26 September 2015 12:57 AM

After selecting your backup archive and destination disk, you can just select "Copy selected partitions" and the partitions will be auto scaled to fit a smaller disk.  In this example the backup of a 60GB disk is being restored to a 30Gb disk.

If you need to make further adjustments, click the partition in the destination pane and then click Restored Partition Properties.
By mbrcomp - 26 September 2015 10:14 AM

Sure it does, and it works. Used that a few times.
By Dreamer2004 - 26 September 2015 10:26 AM

@Joey: Excellent description!
If there should be an error message like "Not all partition copied. Insufficient space",
this older article from the v5 knowledgebase is still valid:

By SteveG - 26 September 2015 1:32 PM

Thank you very much for the very quick reply / response.  However, I did try that and the partitions were not "auto scaled", the Macrium cut off enough of my F partition to restore but left the F drive terribly short of disk space.   I then tried the part you mentioned to part about "re-sizing the partitions" (Restored Partition Properties) and Yes I was able to Decrease the size of the C, D, and E paritions, but the "free space" this created I was NOT able to allocate to the F Drive.   Please help me try to figure this out.  Macrium is an awesome program but I can't figure out how to Move the Free Space over to my F Partition before starting the Restore Operation.  Again, thank you very much for the input and hope to get more details soon.  Thanks,  Steve
By Joey - 26 September 2015 3:39 PM

Ok. Sorry. All of my SSDs have basically the same partition layout shown in my screenshots above. Macrium only auto scales the final partition if there isn't enough room.

You will need to drag each partition to the destination disk one at a time and use the Restored Partition's Properties to adjust the size of each partition before dragging the next partition.