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3 quick questions about Disk Cloning please...

By ZeroZero - 12 August 2020 9:19 AM

Hi all
 I am no means an expert on this program. WIn10 64 bit.

What I want to do.
I have a PC with a 500gb system drive that is getting too full
On the same PC I have a M2 drive already installed (and blank) I will name this "NEW SYSTEM DRIVE". This is currently drive letter H.
I have backed the machine up
I want to make the new system dsrive my system drive.

I believe I need to clone (not image) all the partitions showing up on my original C drive.

When I select Clone this disk and select the files to the destination drive ready for cloning, they show up the same size as the orginals - leaving a unformatted space of about 500 gig. What I want is for the orginal system drive to become bigger in the new system drive. 

I select both the drive and the destination drives, then go to "Partition Properties" and try to increase the size of the system drive. It will not increase the size beyond the size of the orginal partition.

Question 1}
Can the system drive be increased at a later stage - possibly using Windows 10 DIsk Management?

Question 2]
I know I will have to swap over boot priority in BIOS, this will not be a problem. But what about the drive letter? Currently the new system drive is H? Will it be safe to simply swap around drive letters in Windows Disk Management so that the new drive will be renamed as C drive?  I think so, but am not 100% sure.

Question 3]
- Will the new windows drive simply access all the files on my other additional drives D, E F etc without issues?

 Thank you all

By ZeroZero - 12 August 2020 11:13 AM

OK so I cloned the drive as a test. I cannot seem to expand the drive size using disk manager because the system drive is not adjacent to the unallocated space? Can't seem to find a solution. 
When I try to expand the drive using DIsk management I get the following scary message:

"The operation you selected will convert the selected basic disk drive to dynamic will not be able to start installed operating system are you sure? "

I chicked out of this one!

Ideas? thank you...

By jphughan - 12 August 2020 2:44 PM

Perform the clone again, and this time follow the steps in this KB article, paying particular attention to Steps 4 and 5 that show how to resize a partition as part of the cloning operation.

When you start booting your system from the new drive, the Windows partition on that drive should become C automatically.  And partitions on other disks should keep their same drive letters. But if not, you can manually change drive letters in Disk Management as needed, and Windows will remember that going forward.

Also, just fyi you posted this in the Reflect V6 section of the forum.  V6 has been out of support for a while.