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recovery media flash/iso

By fpefpe - 28 June 2020 6:59 PM

I see that that  the version of reflect and winpe  are stored in files on the media -- 

would it also be possible to add a file with the  name of the computer (%computername%)  that the  media was  created on?
By dbminter - 28 June 2020 7:17 PM

%computername% though might end up being a stream of text that does not necessarily uniquely identify a certain PC to a human reading that string.

The 100% sure fire way, if you're using flash media for Rescue, is to add this folder yourself.  You can name it whatever you like as long as you follow the Windows restrictions for file naming.

I do something similar.  Whenever I update my flash Rescue media, I rename an existing folder in the root directory that says what version of Reflect is being booted.
By jphughan - 29 June 2020 5:02 AM

For flash drives, it seems like this could be achieved either by using the folder method dbminter mentioned, or using the volume label of the flash drive volume itself.  Or you could just manually create a text file in the Rescue Media device itself.  When you update Rescue Media, Reflect does not delete all existing content on the flash drive.  It just overwrites files that need to be updated, so if you wanted to create a "tag" file for this purpose, you could do so and it would survive Rescue Media updates.

An ISO doesn't make it as easy to modify the files inside the ISO itself, but with an ISO you can of course control the name of the ISO file itself.  I name my ISOs based on the Reflect and WinPE/RE version they use.
By dbminter - 29 June 2020 2:02 PM

I create ISO's with each new Rescue Media update and I use my folder name method there, too.   I use an application called UltraISO that allows you to inject files/folders into existing ISO's.  So, I create the Rescue ISO, inject a new folder into it with UltraISO with the current Reflect build, save the ISO, and burn it.  That way, I get the same results.  I also change the Volume Label on the ISO's to reflect (HA!) the current build so I can tell at a glance in File Explorer.