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Can I use Macrium Reflect to Clone a Bootable Flash Drive to Another Flash Drive

By Jim8080a - 27 June 2020 7:01 PM

I'm running a pay version - don't recall which version.

Notice that a hard drive is not involved in my question.  If so, can I boot from the second drive without any additional changes?
I'm running win10 with a legacy bios

By Froggie - 27 June 2020 9:27 PM

Reflect is incapable of imaging or cloning a portable UFD device at this time.  There are a few UFDs available on the market which are configured as FIXED drives for Windows use (very few)... they can be imaged (or cloned).
By jphughan - 27 June 2020 10:49 PM

Building on Froggie's answer, there are two "classes" of storage.  The first is "fixed disk" and the second is "removable storage", although these days neither one is precisely accurate according to its name anymore.  Hard drives and SSDs, even when connected via methods such as USB, are fixed disk class.  The vast majority of flash drives are considered "removable storage".  If you've ever noticed that Windows uses different icons in "This PC / My Computer" for external hard drives compared to flash drives, those icons correspond to the two different classes.  Reflect does not support imaging or cloning removable storage class devices, although they can be the destination of an image backup job.  Macrium has posted somewhere that one issue is that their geometry is incompatible with Reflect's image file format, and another issue is that Windows itself does not support making VSS snapshots of volumes that reside on removable storage class devices, which would prevent keeping those volumes online during imaging/cloning within Windows.