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Option to skip version with update checker

By pimjoosten - 26 May 2020 8:35 AM

Triggered by this thread I would like to request an option to skip the update notification for the current version from the hourly update checker. The update checker shows an update notification several times a day, but sometimes a new version is not needed for the user/computer (e.g. v7.2.4884 and v7.2.4942 contain fixes for bugs that I have not experienced). Macrium Reflect is updated many times to include bug fixes and updates, which really is a good thing. However, sometimes I just do not want to update because it would not be a good time investment if I do not gain anything from it. However, the update notification will then still be shown several times a day. Because this bothers me too much, in the end I usually do install the update, just to get rid of the notifications. I could disable the notification, but the result would be that I would not be informed of the next update which could be relevant to install. This could be prevented by being able to skip a version.