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Error merging incrementals (Relect 7 Current Version 7.2.4884)

By GaryZ - 22 May 2020 3:43 PM

After this error shown below, the backup no longer runs each day. The Task Scheduler says: "the last run of the task was terminated by the user. (0x41306)
Also, while the log says 16  incrementals found, the are only 14.
Any idea what the problem is?

Consolidation: Merging '0083CA9AA8613AFE-126-126.mrbak' into '0083CA9AA8613AFE-04-04.mrbak'
Warning: Failed to load ... 0083CA9AA8613AFE-126-126.mrbak' An error has occurred building the index for file ... 0083CA9AA8613AFE-126-126.mrbak'
Successfully recovered from failed consolidation

Differential Backups: 2 found
Nothing to delete
Incremental: Retain 15 incremental backups
The oldest incremental backups may be consolidated
Incremental Backups: 16 found

By jphughan - 22 May 2020 5:10 PM

I'm not sure what caused the error, but the (partial) fix will likely be to create a new Full.  The reason I call it a partial fix is that you might not be able to consolidate those Incrementals anymore at all.  If the index problem is caused by the #4 backup, then you could try consolidating subsequent Incrementals manually using the standalone Consolidate.exe file as time goes on, but I suspect you'll have to keep that #4 backup around until you're comfortable deleting that backup and all of its subsequent Incrementals, and that deletion would also have to be done manually.  Otherwise, unless this was just a one-time error due to some transient issue, Reflect will keep trying to perform a consolidation involving that #4 Incremental and keep failing, in which case you'll never see any older Incrementals get purged, so you'll end up with more than your retention policy specifies.

However, something else in your log is throwing a red flag in my book.  Reflect says it's consolidating from a #4 backup to a #126 backup.  That plus the reference to Differentials suggests that you're using Incremental Merge (rather than Synthetic Fulls) and aren't creating Differentials very often, and more importantly seem to go a VERY long time between creating Fulls.  That is a rather high-risk strategy, because it means that if your most recent Full ever become corrupt or unreadable for any reason, the next oldest backup you have that might be usable, namely whatever most recent backup you still had that was created prior to that most recent Full, would likely be very old.  You might want to consider capturing Full backups more often -- and Diffs, for that matter.  Performing over 100 consolidations into the same Incremental will mean that Incremental will have significant fragmentation within the file, which will cause consolidation operations to take a long time and could perhaps even explain the index loading problem you're now facing.  I personally use Incrementals Forever with Synthetic Fulls but still periodically capture a new Full manually because after several dozen consolidations into my root Full, the fragmentation buildup causes consolidation operations to take about 6x longer than they did when the Full was new, even though the Incrementals being consolidated are still roughly the same size.  Macrium has said they're looking into ways to avoid this problem, but right now the only workaround is to make a new Full to start off with a fresh, fragmentation-free backup in order to restart the cycle.

As for saying you have 14 Incrementals while Reflect reports 16, I doubt that Reflect is miscounting here, although note that Reflect counts all Incrementals in all matching sets, not just Incrementals in the current set, i.e. children of the latest Full.

By Stephen - 22 May 2020 7:13 PM

Hello Gary

Thanks for posting.

It would be great if you could submit a support ticket by visiting and please don't forget to reference this post.

As soon as we receive it I will make sure it gets to the right person to help. Smile