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Windows 10 PE?

By dbminter - 1 August 2015 11:46 PM

Now that the final build of Windows 10 is in the wild, is there any time table for when a Windows 10 PE build will be available for Rescue media?
By Froggie - 2 August 2015 1:57 AM

DB, the final ADK for W10 just became available on 30July... I'm sure as soon as they discover all the new "wrinkles" with the ADK, a PE Build will be available.
By Arvy - 2 August 2015 6:57 AM

Just finished downloading the complete W10 ADK installer package.  Maybe I'll try extracting the components needed by Reflect's WinPE builder "wizard" and manually locating them temporarily under \ProgramData\Macrium\Reflect\Windows Kits where it expects to find the PE5 components to see what it does with them just as an experiment.  What's the worst that could happen; I have plenty of backups. w00t
By Stephen - 3 August 2015 10:17 AM

The development team are evaluating the Windows 10 version of PE(5.1), however there has not been any significant changes in PE 5.1 where earlier versions of PE added features related the the operating systems they were based on. For example support for GPT/UEFI, USB3 and generally the hardware found in modern computers.  If there is a feature in PE 5.1 that you have found and would really like us to have a look at please let us know.

What's New in Windows PE -

Please note: Windows PE 5 provides the capability to restore/take Windows 10 images.

By Arvy - 3 August 2015 1:47 PM

So far, Stephen, I've found nothing worth getting excited about in any of this ADK's PE components, but I'll certainly pass along any amazing new discoveries that reveal themselves and that might be worthy of further exploration.  As you may recall from some of my other posts, my own main interests arise from my tendencies toward "customised" WinPE builds.  So, as you point out, the PE5 capabilities are likely to be adequate for anything Reflect's "wizard" builder needs to do currently for the new OS.
By Arvy - 4 August 2015 6:11 PM

UPDATE:  Having tried my sneaky trick of substituting the new ADK PE5.1 components (Windows Preinstallation Environment and Deployment Tools) where the Reflect "wizard" builder expects to find the equivalent PE5.0 sources under \ProgramData\Macrium\Reflect\Windows Kits, I can report that it has all worked with no problem at all for me.  I've created WinPE builds, including the iSCSI and BitLocker support options, under Win8.1 and Win10.  I then added the WinPE boot.wim result to my system boot menu in both cases, and it all appears to work exactly like PE5.0.  I haven't yet tried it under Win7, but I can foresee no reason why it wouldn't work there as well.

So my own conclusion is that switching the Reflect "wizard" builder option to the new Win10 ADK should be free of any obvious problems whenever Macrium gets around to it in their own good time, but neither does it seem to provide any significant advantages that I've been able to discover so far.