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"Device Detected" in Rescue Media Drivers Check in Rescue Media Wizard Operation

By lagunasrfr - 1 August 2015 2:41 PM

Have attached a snippet of this window showing a caution sign next to Realtek driver. What does this mean? I searched for a newer driver and the current one on my system is the best according to the search.
If I have to totally restore my hard drive, how will this impact the restore process and results?

By Seekforever - 1 August 2015 3:34 PM

It is the wireless LAN device and unless you are trying to restore by wireless it isn't an issue. I don't believe that WinPE natively supports wireless networking yet and that could be why it is being ignored. So if you are using a wired network, internal HD or external USB HD for your images you don't need it.

Create the rescue CD/flash drive and boot it up. Create an archive of your disk or partition with it. Verify the archive you created or an existing image if you have one on your backup drive using the Reflect Verify command.. If you can do this you know you can access your backup drive and successfully read the archive properly.
By lagunasrfr - 1 August 2015 6:59 PM

Thanks. Makes sense.