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Wish list based on recent usage (v6)

By chrcoluk - 28 August 2019 8:55 AM

Dynamic discs

So I have been sending my backups to a dynamic disc.  I had no warnings from macrium, it happily did these backups.
Today due to boot SSD failing I had to restore an image to a spare SSD, this went fine but was not trouble free.  Aless technical capable user would have got stuck.

It seems Macrium inside its WinPE environment does not support dynamic discs?  As I was wondering where all my backups were, I even initially thought my hdd had failed.  The WinPE itself is extremely basic, no device manager, no "computer management" applet.  Luckily I had an alternative WinPE boot iso on my usb stick so booted that up and I figured out what was going on, in the other WinPE I could see all my dynamic discs were foreign and needed to be imported, not all my discs are dynamic so after I imported I manually copied the images to a basic 4tb disc, and rebooted back into Macrium WinPE, manually navigated to the images and from there the restore went problem free.

The request is either to support dynamic discs, or if you dont to add a warning inside the program to the end user that they are backing up to a dynamic disc and these backups will "not" be accessible inside the recovery environment.

Application focus.

Disable the code that makes the app steal focus when it has a status update.  Note this is not anything to do with popup notifications.  This also occurs if the backups are run as an alternative user.
By jphughan - 28 August 2019 1:15 PM

What version of WinPE is your Rescue Media built on? That might be the culprit. I believe dynamic disks are supported in Rescue, but I’m not certain since I don’t use them.

And just FYI, Reflect V6 reaches its official end of support date in February 2018, a year after V7 launched. Macrium has provided a handful of updates since then to address significant issues, but I doubt they would implement enhancement requests at this stage.