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Wher can I download v 6.1.1865 Home Edition please?

By Chris Wilson - 25 August 2019 7:10 PM

I am a paid user of v 6.1.1865 Home Edition and need to migrate to a new PC. I imagine it best to use the same version I have used on this Win 7 64 bit Pro PC on a new, similar OS'd PC? So I would like to download this version to put on my new PC before transferring back ups across. I would like to know from where it can be downloaded, or for someone to e-mail the installer. Thanks Smile
By dbminter - 25 August 2019 7:40 PM

I don't have 6.1.1865, but I do have the older Home version 6.1.1366.  I've also got the following builds after 6.1.1865:


If 6.1.1865 worked for you, it should be possible to use any of the later versions.  And it may be wiser to update to a later version for more bug fixes and updated Rescue Media builds.

I can put any version you want up on my OneDrive account and PM you the link to it.

Suggestion for the future.  If you're using a flash drive to create Rescue Media and the flash drive is relatively large enough, keep older copies of the Reflect installer on your Rescue Media flash drive.  Rescue Media Builder only deletes the files it needs to create, so anything else on the flash won't be deleted.  Best to create some kind of folder structure so Reflect doesn't accidentally delete it if you store the files in the root directory.
By Chris Wilson - 25 August 2019 8:02 PM

Hmmm, thanks a lot for the very kind offer, but something seems odd s when I go to check for updates it seems Reflect Home Edition is not finding any v6 later than what i have, so I assumed it was the last version of v6....

I have been reading the Help pages (I know I should have done that in depth before posting apologies!!. I think if I download a none free version inputting my existing license key that the new PC *SHOULD* download the latest v6 version? If so I may be sorted without troubling you Smile opinions still very sought as to whether I have this correct Smile
By jphughan - 25 August 2019 8:06 PM

Even if you're restoring a backup from the old PC onto the new one, which isn't entirely clear from your post, there's no requirement to use old Reflect versions to perform the migration/restore just because the backups were captured with old versions, in fact sometimes in a pinch you can use an old Reflect version to migrate/restore a backup captured by a newer version, although that isn't ideal because that isn't guaranteed.  And in fact, some newer Reflect releases have fixes related to migration and restore issues that might otherwise trip you up, so it's worth being current for that reason alone.

If you have a V6 key, when you enter it into the download agent, it will retrieve the latest version of V6, which as of this writing is 6.3.1865.  Looking at the release notes for the entire V6 production release history here, 6.1.1865 doesn't seem to exist.  The last 6.1 release was 6.1.1366 before Reflect moved up to 6.2.xxxx, but that release is over 3 years old now, and as you can see on the release notes page, there have been many enhancements and bug fixes in the several releases since then.  In fact, if you'll be running Windows 10 on the new PC, you'll need the latest 6.3.1865 release anyway, because none of the older versions work with Windows 10 1903.  That's the sole reason Macrium published the 6.3.1865 release, despite the fact that V6 was already over a year past its end-of-support period at that point.

If you intend to stick to Windows 7, whether or not you're migrating a backup from the old PC, then considering you're migrating to a new PC, there are a lot of things to consider there.  I strongly recommend against trying to keep Windows 7 for reasons that should become clear from my list, but if you're adamant, understand what you're in for:

  • If your new PC is designed to boot in UEFI mode and your old PC and its Windows 7 installation are set up for Legacy BIOS mode, then restoring the old PC's backup onto the new one will involve jumping through some manual hoops to restore your old backup in a way that will allow UEFI mode booting.
  • Your new PC's hardware might not even support Windows 7. If it has an Intel CPU newer than Core 6th Gen, aka Skylake, Windows 7 isn't supported on that hardware. That means it might not run properly and might not even be able to get Windows Updates. And because Microsoft won't support Windows 7 on such PCs, those PCs typically don't have Windows 7 driver sets available, which means other hardware might not work properly on Windows 7 either. Newer Intel WiFi cards only support Windows 10, as just one example.
  • If you're restoring the old PC's Windows 7 installation to the new PC, Windows 7 is likely to fall out of activation when it sees that it's running on completely different hardware, and at that point you'd have to buy a new Windows 7 license to reactivate it on your new PC -- except no legitimate sellers are still offering Windows 7 licenses. If your new PC is licensed for a newer version of Windows, that does NOT grant automatic downgrade rights. Those are only available to enterprises and to certain OEM installations where it is explicitly mentioned.
  • Even if you dodge all of that, Microsoft will stop providing updates for Windows 7 starting January 2020, and if XP's demise is any indication, browser vendors will stop providing updates to Windows 7 systems shortly thereafter, at which point your PC will arguably become unsafe to use on the Internet, and eventually not even possible to use well because your older OS and browser won't get support for newer technologies that arise. If you've ever tried to get a Windows XP SP3 system onto the Internet, it's almost an exercise in futility. Out of the box, it can't get to most SSL-enabled sites because it doesn't support newer cryptographic technologies that are widely in use now, and then there are issues around not supporting HTML5. You end up having to download an installer for some other browser from another PC and copying it over to the XP system. But even if you do that, you'll be getting an older version of that browser, since Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla all stopped providing newer versions of IE, Chrome, and Firefox to XP systems quite a while ago
By dbminter - 25 August 2019 8:13 PM

I was wondering about 6.1.1865.  I never saw an installer for it as I always downloaded the latest version full installer whenever Reflect detected an update to itself.  Since I didn't have a 6.1.1865 installer, I wondered about its release.
By Chris Wilson - 25 August 2019 8:44 PM

Wow, superb responses, thanks a bunch! I take on board all you say re Windows 7 and its forthcoming demise, but I use a lot of amateur radio softwre and auto updates are notorious for breaking audio stuff, I will sty with 7 for a while yet! I appreciate the cautions however, I did go through a few hoops to make n installer to see the M.2 PCIE drive Wink

I have been very clumsy and given bum info, my current Reflect is NOT as i stated, it is in fact v 6.3.1865 so again, my apologies, I have been battling a failing PC and am tired and should have awaited the morning before typing these posts! 

The new and old PC are not using Legacy and the new processor and board are still Win 7 compatible. I will only be restoring data, not the Windows installation itself that's already newly installed and up and running, so I hope it will be straightforward. The old PC has RAID1 on the D: drives, so I will hopefully create a fresh RAID1 on the new pair of D: Drives and just restore the data to them. the C: Drive is all fresh with a new 7 64 bit Pro install on it, and apps will be freshly installed, hopefully this negates many of your justified concerns? My worry is if the old motherboard becomes even more flaky I will be limited to the back ups I have of my data, it's on a wing and a prayer

Thank you again for such a detailed reply, I trust you copy / pasted much of it as it is an awesome tome Smile
By jphughan - 25 August 2019 8:59 PM

Ok, if you're not restoring your Windows partition from your old backups, and you've already got an activated Windows 7 installation on confirmed compatible hardware with the new PC, then you've got nothing to worry about except lack of updates soon, and possibly Web browser problems down the line.  As for the RAID 1 D: drive, you can either mount your old backup as a virtual disk and copy/paste data to the new virtual disk on the new PC, or if you wanted you could perform a "traditional" restore of the partition(s) from the old PC onto the new RAID 1.  If you go with the latter and you wish to resize partitions, I'd recommend specifying that during the restore process, especially if you'll have more than one partition on this RAID 1 virtual disk.  Steps 4 and 5 of this KB article show how to do that.  The article is about cloning, but those steps are the same for an image restore except the option is called "Restored Partition Properties".

However you address all of that, the final thing will be to create new Rescue Media from your new PC, including test booting it to confirm that it can see all of the necessary hardware, e.g. your source disk(s), location that contains your backups, etc., since the new PC's hardware will likely require different drivers to be incorporated into the Rescue Media build.  Since you're on Windows 7, one thing you might want to consider especially if you find problems with a default Rescue Media build would be to choose WinPE 10 as your Base WIM for your Rescue Media, which you can do by clicking Advanced > Choose Base WIM in the Rescue Media Builder wizard.  WinPE 10 has the broadest hardware support already built in, including native support for things like USB 3 and NVMe that require drivers when used on a Windows 7 / WinPE 3.1 kernel, so it might be easier to get working.

Yes, I did copy/paste much of that answer from a previous post where somebody had asked how to migrate their Windows 7 installation from an old PC onto brand new hardware.  They ended up rethinking their strategy, but they were "exposed" to more of the risks I had called out.  Sounds like you're going in with your eyes open. Smile
By dbminter - 25 August 2019 9:02 PM

Since 6.3.1865 is the latest branch of 6.x, do as JP said.  Download the Download Agent from the front page and enter your license key into the downloader.  It will detect the proper Version 6 key and download the last 6.x installer available, since that's all you'll need.
By Chris Wilson - 25 August 2019 9:12 PM

Excellent, I will sleep easier, I tend not to "fiddle" with PC's so I usually end up with what friends consider a dinosaur, that eventually succumbs to plain old age and unreliability as is the case now! In fact I am typing this on my old Dell Inspiron 1720 running XP SP3 connected to the flaky Win7 dinosaur upstairs via Remote Desktop. If I had my way I'd still be on Windows 3.51 and its good `ol .ini files Wink

Many thanks to all. I'll make a final post (hopefully) from the new PC in due course.
By dbminter - 25 August 2019 9:25 PM

I used my last Dell XPS 8700 desktop tower for 4 years before replacing it last year.  Something was going on with the HDD in it and disk access was really slowing down.  Reflect backups reading from C: were taking like 40 minutes, about double the time they were taking before.  I wasn't sure replacing the HDD was the cure all as I thought it might be, so, given the PC's age, I decided to get a whole new one and upgrade everything.

So, yeah, there's something to be said for using an old PC for as long as you can.  You save money.  You won't have to learn an entirely new system.  You're used to the old one working the way you wanted.  And there's always something "wrong" with a new PC.  You just don't know it yet until you encounter it.
By Chris Wilson - 26 August 2019 10:34 AM

Christopher Souter - 26 August 2019 5:15 AM
Chris Wilson - 25 August 2019 7:10 PM
I am a paid user of v 6.1.1865 Home Edition and need to migrate to a new PC. I imagine it best to use the same version I have used on this Win 7 64 bit Pro PC on a new, similar OS'd PC? So I would like to download this version to put on my new PC before transferring back ups across. I would like to know from where it can be downloaded, or for someone to e-mail the installer. Thanks Smile

If it's any use to you, I've got 6.3.1835.

Thanks, but now I know how to get my key to operate and download the latest v 6.* I won't trouble you, but your kind offer is much appreciated Christopher Smile
By jphughan - 26 August 2019 1:07 PM

Chris Wilson - 26 August 2019 10:34 AM
Thanks, but now I know how to get my key to operate and download the latest v 6.* I won't trouble you, but your kind offer is much appreciated Christopher Smile

Macrium's got you covered here:
By Chris Wilson - 27 August 2019 9:52 PM

Thanks to the excellent and patient help I now have Reflect up and running on this new PC, it was, in the end, very painless. All very much appreciated everyone Smile