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How can I restore a folder and all of its contents

By Bottom-Liner - 30 June 2019 9:35 AM

I've tried to figure it out but I get lost.
Lost in ...

It's an image, not a link, 'cos I mucked-up the password to my FileZilla FTP client.
(At age 75 even remembering my name can be a challenge. Ewik? Nobody-in-particular? Hmmm.)
Fortuitously I'd backed-up, pre-muck-up, the entire content of files and folders in C:\Program Files\FileZilla FTP client
I tried restoring just filezilla.exe but that didn't solve my memory loss; the encrypted password must be somewhere else.
But I can't figure out how to restore in entirety C:\Program Files\FileZilla FTP client
Yes, I did export the password to FileZilla FTP client before the muck-up and it's in 6-bit format which I can readily decode using my self-written Fortran program but that would still leave unable to restore a folder and all its contents.
So here I am, writing a new topic. Any responses would be warmly welcomed.
Ewik? Nobody-in-particular? Bingo! Eric!
By jphughan - 30 June 2019 2:48 PM

Since you're looking for files that were in your C:\Program Files folder, I'm guessing you have image backups rather than File & Folder backups.  In that case, this page from the Macrium Reflect Online User Guide shows you how to browse the contents of an image backup, from which you can copy/paste files back to your system.  If on the other hand you have in fact been capturing File & Folder style backups of your Program Files folder (usually not a good practice, fyi), then the link inside the red box "Note" area of that page shows you how to restore from that type of backup.

That said, while I haven't used FileZilla much, I would be surprised if it stored password data in its application folder.  I would expect that to be stored either in that application's C:\ProgramData folder or in one of its AppData folders of your user profile.
By dbminter - 30 June 2019 9:20 PM

I would also suspect that any related user information to FileZilla would have been stored in your user profile directory/the ProgramData directory for FileZilla. 

If you know the file name you're looking for, what I'd recommend is mounting your backup image set as a virtual drive as described above.  Then, do a search for that file name and, depending on how you search/what you use, that mounted drive may be included in the search criteria for that file name.

BTW, off topic, but it's nice to see someone else program in FORTRAN!  Smile  While I haven't touched it since college in 1995, I knew that even back then it was an odd course to teach in a computer science major.  It was more of an older language for business even back then, or so I thought.  For my class project, I thought outside the box for FORTRAN and programmed a game: my version of Battleship.

EDIT: If you're feeling really adventurous/comfortable doing it, you could try this: take a current image of the partition where FileZilla is stored, which I'm guessing is the C: Windows one.  Restore this image you're trying to restore this FileZilla file from.  Do whatever you need to do with this FileZilla information while it's restored down, being sure to save this new file/information to somewhere other than the partition you just restored because you're about to restore the current image you took before the restore.  Then, restore back the current image you took before restoring the FileZilla partition so your system is back to being live.

This is what I'd do, most likely, but I'm comfortable with juggling partitions.  I've been doing it since about 1995.  Smile