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Backup file size in metadata

By dbminter - 8 March 2019 10:35 PM

In the interface when you load a backup for restore/manual verify/etc., there's a variety of metadata on display, such as file backup name, date and time of creation, Full, etc. backup type, etc.  One thing it doesn't list that I think would be useful because I found a need for it just now Wink is to list the file size of the backup. 

Granted, I can see why this may not be implemented, because any backup set that is split up would have individual parts of possibly different sizes, but it still could list the total file set backup size.

By jphughan - 8 March 2019 11:48 PM

So you’re asking for the metadata of SPLIT backup files to show NOT the size of the split file itself, but the size of the total backup job that ran? I’m not sure that could reliably be done. Reflect supports creating split backups in such a way that the earlier segments don’t have to remain available for the duration of the backup job, and Reflect won’t know upfront how large a backup will be because of factors like variable compressibility of the data it will back up over the course of the job. If Reflect won’t know how large a backup job is until the job is done, and the early segments won’t necessarily be available at that point, then it can’t necessarily go back and update the metadata of those segments later. So at best you’d have a situation where the availability of this metadata is inconsistent.
By dbminter - 9 March 2019 12:10 AM

Oh, I just thought the index saved in the last file of a backup set would contain metadata like how many sizes the backup was split into.  Or that maybe that metadata had the total file set backup size as part of it in the index.  I'm talking about when you like manually load the backup set in the Restore interface or the list of available files that populate when you go into the Restore interface, not at time of backup creation, if I didn't make that clear.
By jphughan - 9 March 2019 1:09 AM

Oh ok, yes if you're looking at the last file segment of the backup, then this seems feasible since Reflect would have known at the time that file was created how many total segments were created during that job and I suppose how large each segment was if it kept track of that over the entire job (since even the segments prior to the last one won't always be the same size).  I was picturing a scenario where you were looking at the Restore tab while only the FIRST segment of the backup was available.  (Side note: You posted this in the V6 section of the forum.)
By dbminter - 9 March 2019 2:05 AM

Oops!  Hm.  I wonder how I made that mistake.  Isn't the V7 forum at the top of the list of forums over V6?  Oh, I bet I probably scrolled down too far and made it to the V6 forum.  I just now checked the front of the forum to see if I might have done that.  It seems entirely possible I scrolled down too far with the scroll wheel.