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Disk Clone issue

By Mridula Mittal - 15 January 2019 9:19 AM


I am trying to Clone my Hard disk (SSD) using Macrium Reflect and it is able to clone successfully, but when I try to boot my system thru the cloned disk (by replacing SSD with cloned drive) then it get failed during boot. Please suggest, how to fix the issue. System information shared.

By Seekforever - 15 January 2019 2:54 PM

Make sure the clone disk and not the original disk is the only one connected in the PC until the first successful boot.
Boot the Reflect rescue media and run the Fixboot command which is displayed on the screen. This ensures the boot routine knows where to find the OS you wish to boot..​
By jphughan - 15 January 2019 4:01 PM

Alternatively, boot your system from Rescue Media and just click “Fix Boot Problems”. This issue of disk swaps not being immediately bootable seems to be more common on UEFI systems because on UEFI, boot entries consist of a specific path to a specific bootloader file on a specific partition of a specific disk. Fix Boot Problems handles that registration on UEFI systems (as long as the Rescue Media is booted in UEFI mode).