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Windows Explorer style file/folder selection

By jdlech - 27 June 2018 10:51 PM

Pretty self explanatory.  I envision two panes "side by side", where a user can select files/folders one at a time or enmasse and drop them into the backup pane.  Perhaps even remove unwanted individual files from the backup.
By et_and_family - 19 July 2018 5:55 PM

If you mount an Image backup in Windows explorer, as described in tutorial You can copy and paste your precious data from the mounted Image into your computer such as to Windows explorer of your computer.

If the Image you mount in Windows explorer is from a different computer you will need to tick the checkbox 'Enable access to rrestricted folders' as at step 3. in the above tutorial, when mounting the Image.

If you wish to transfer your programs and/or operating system from the Image into you computer you cannot do it as above, you have to restore the Image backup by restoring whole partitions; there are tutorials on this in the Knowledgebase:

I am afraid that you cannot modify your Image backup, it will remain containing the state of your computer when the Image backup was created. If you create regular Image backups and/or incremental and/or differential backups of your computer you will have a set of states of your computer which you can access or restore.
By jphughan - 23 July 2018 2:11 AM

ET, I believe the OP is requesting an update to the interface for selecting what gets backed up in a File & Folder backup job, not how to select what gets restored. This sounds a lot like the existing Wish List thread for a pick list navigation tree for this purpose, which I’ve also got listed in my “Aggregated quick win feature requests” thread. Original Wish List thread:
By jdlech - 31 July 2018 7:59 PM

You should study the way Nero does it.  You select files/folders from the left pane and drop them into the right pane.  Only the files/folders you selected get backed up.