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What SSD Trim setting for mechanical drives ?

By Clairvaux - 1 October 2017 12:51 AM

If one uses mechanical drives, is it better to deactivate the SSD Trim option, or is it indifferent ? Also, I suppose this has to be decided according to the technology used in the target disk for restoration or cloning, not the source disk or the backup disk for storing images ?
By jphughan - 1 October 2017 12:59 AM

That option is ignored when mechanical drives are being used, so it doesn’t matter. And actually, a mechanical drive wouldn’t even know what to do with a TRIM command if it got one.

And yes, it applies to the target of a clone or image restore, never the source or even the target of an image backup.
By Clairvaux - 1 October 2017 1:03 AM

Thanks, jphugan.