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Would you be interested in 2 pack / 3 pack licenses?

By dyhs - 18 July 2017 10:14 AM

Currently in the Macrium Reflect shop we can only buy a single Home license, or a 4 pack license. No 2 pack or 3 pack offers available.
The 4 pack license is a good deal for those who actually install MR on 4 Windows PCs, but it is "too much" for those who just need 2, as it costs as much as two single licenses.
By Gork - 18 July 2017 1:25 PM

The deal received for the 4-pack purchase makes it more than worth it to pay the little bit extra for the two licenses I actively use.
By dyhs - 21 September 2017 12:27 PM

The 4-pack purchase is a deal for those who need 4 licenses, not for those who just need 2 and end up paying as much as for 2 single licenses.
BTW, most software vendors do have 2-pack / 3-pack offers on their products. Probably because the average "home user" owns two or three Windows PCs at most, not four. Smile

By Alan1250 - 1 October 2017 3:43 AM

Two and Three packs would be nice.  Also, since so many of us believe in the product so much, it would be great if we could work out a discount for our friends that we influence, too.  Think of it as a "sales commission" that we earn but are contributing to them.
By Stuart Smith - 7 October 2017 5:36 AM

I was in the situation of having a 4 pack, then realized I needed one more licence. It seemed wrong as a current user that I had to pay full price for a single copy. I think that you should be able to buy further copies at a discount as an existing owner.
By dyhs - 7 October 2017 3:51 PM

Yes, that would be another interesting option. Maybe as an offer when you upgrade to a new version. Say, if you had 4 V6 licenses, you are given the opportunity to buy 5 V7 licenses at a special price.
Different, more flexible, offers would fit different needs and ultimately lead to greater sales for Macrium and happier customers. A win-win Smile
By jphughan - 7 October 2017 4:41 PM

@dyhs, achieving flexibility in that design would require a lot of packaging options -- what if someone needs 2 more licenses than they have today rather than 1, etc.  I personally hate labyrinthine pricing models and packaging arrangements (as found with cable TV companies at least in the US, for example) since you can either never get exactly what you want or there are so MANY ways to get what you want that your chosen path might not be the most cost-effective. Perhaps a simpler model that maintains flexibility would be one whereby the more licenses you add to a single customer account, the greater the discount on the later licenses, even if they're not all purchased at the same time.  For example:

- License #1 purchased at full price
- Licenses #2-5 can be purchased at 25% off (at any time, and even individually rather than all at once)
- Licenses #6-10 can be purchased at 40% off
- Licenses #11 onward can be purchased at 50% off (although at this point the customer might want to look into CMC and Macrium Agent Licenses)

Of course this model could end up being WORSE for people who only need a small license count.  For example, a 4-pack today is roughly the cost of 2 full price licenses.  If we assume License #1 in that pack was purchased at full price, that amounts to getting a 67% discount on Licenses #2-4, which is a very steep starting discount.  Or I guess these models could co-exist, e.g. customers could purchase a 4-pack if that pricing is more advantageous for their needs than the "graduated discount" model above, and that pack's licenses would count toward the total associated that customer account -- so if a 4-pack customer later just needed a fifth license, that could be purchased at 25% off in the model I suggested above.  I believe this would satisfy Stuart's scenario.
By dyhs - 7 October 2017 11:29 PM

That would create different ways to get the same number of licenses and at different prices. Besides the system could be easily abused if you could buy any number of extra licenses at any time at 50% off, separately: for instance you could buy extra licenses at 50% and resell them at 75% ;-)
By jphughan - 8 October 2017 1:44 AM

Hmm, didn't think about the shady reseller scenario.  I guess if Macrium wants to have a pricing model that mitigates that (although the 4-pack still makes that pretty feasible), then people who might accumulate new PCs one at a time like Stuart are stuck.  Sigh....  This is why we can't have nice things!!
By dyhs - 8 October 2017 9:36 PM

Anyhow, allowing users to buy discounted extra licenses would be a good marketing move in my view.
But, allowing it at any time would be very generous of Macrium. Usually software houses offer pack discounts only if you buy all the licenses at the same time.