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v6 File and Folder Incrementals not working correctly

By IS-Admin - 2 June 2015 7:26 PM

I've recently upgraded to v6 and went through the conversion process for all the existing backup jobs. 
I have image backup jobs and file and folder backup jobs.  The File and Folder backup jobs are malfunctioning.
The FULL file and folder backup is created on the 1st day of each month.  An INCREMENTAL is created on each day of the month.
The FULL file and folder backup job is backing everything up properly that is in/under the single source folder, say C:\Stuff, along with all the sub-folders.
However, something is SERIOUSLY hosed - the first incremental run backs up nothing new, and shows in the log, under "files removed from backup", it shows that it has removed everything from the backup set!  Subsequent incremental backup runs also back up nothing new.
It should show many files having been backed up (as they are new or have been changed), and some files removed.
Regarding the settings for the File and Folder job, they are all set to the values that were set during the v5.x to v6 migration, except for the following:
1) I have changed the Backup Set Matching to "Strict" which matches what I'm used to seeing.  I ran a fresh full backup job after doing this.
2) I have unchecked all retention rules - these backup data sets will exist until I manually do something with them.
3) I have unchecked the "Delete the oldest backup set(s) if less than xx GB on the target volume".
What am I doing incorrectly?

By Nick - 2 June 2015 7:42 PM


Thanks for posting. 

Please open a support ticket so we can request further information: