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Scheduled Backups tab

By JH - 19 March 2017 3:01 PM

Hi, when I alter a backup definition in any way, say to run at a different time or on a different day, the "Last Run Time" changes to "Never" as though this were a completely new backup scheme. It would make more sense to recognise that this is the same backup scheme and leave the "last run time" alone.

I find that I am in the slightly odd position of never having run a full backup but I have run the incrementals which follow on from it, at least according to the "Scheduled Backups" tab, simply because I decided to change the time of the full backup.

What do you think, sensible idea?

By Froggie - 19 March 2017 3:13 PM

That time is managed by Windows, not Reflect.  When an entry is changed, the WTS references it accordingly... never run.