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Can`t create a Rescue Media

By MaxManus - 18 April 2015 10:08 AM

I've tried to install Macrium Reflect and selected Windows PE 4 and 5 under the Rescue Media Wizard without result.
Adds with vaiklog.txt as attachments
/ Stein
By Arvy - 18 April 2015 4:20 PM

Check Reflect's default setting for the location of its PE files.

In Reflect's top menu, select "Other Tasks" -> "Edit Defaults...".  In the Reflect Defaults dialog box that then appears, select the "Advanced" tab. In the menu on the left, select "Macrium Reflect PE Files" and ensure that "C:" has been selected (checkmarked).

By gerhard - 3 May 2015 3:20 PM

I can't create a PE Rescue disk either..I tried PE3, PE4, and PE5   they all failed with error burning the iso image around 40 %...

I have a win 7 (64bit) desktop and laptop...and a win 8.1 laptop.  Any ideas...
By MaxManus - 3 May 2015 3:32 PM

Thank you. After I specified location of "Macrium Reflect PE Files", there was no problem with creating rescue media.
By Arvy - 3 May 2015 5:51 PM

@gerhard: If Reflect's built-in PrimoBurner won't let you burn directly to your chosen optical media from within the WinPE builder "wizard", try creating an ISO file and using some other burner utility instead.

@MaxManus:  You're welcome and thanks for your follow-up message.