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Adding existing drivers from USB technician drive to Macrium.

By hazenoff - 18 February 2017 3:56 PM

I have an unusual request, I guess. 
I have been using Macrium Reflect Technician edition for about 4 years now. 
What I would like to do, is be able to create NEW technician drives, with all of the drivers I have accumulated over the years, by adding these into my laptop's install of Macrium. So, when I create a new USB drive, my accumulated drivers are automatically added to my USB drive. 
I had an issue where I washed my USB drive, and lost accumulated drivers on it... finding out after I attempted to boot off the drive, and it not recognizing the old Dell server's raid array. Thankfully, this was a simple reboot, grab the drivers issue... but, I have had machines down to the point that the only solution is to restore from a macrium image I had created... with no option to restart and reboot. 
Can someone make a driver injection script or something, to move these drivers over to the default repository within Macrium, so any drivers on your Tech stick are automagically moved into your tech version of Macrium, and added to any new USB drive that the program creates?
By jphughan - 4 April 2017 12:14 AM

I've never used the Technician version, but if the Rescue Media aspect works similarly, this should be achievable by simply copying the contents of the \Drivers folder from your Technician drive over to the C:\Boot\Macrium\Drivers folder on a system that has Reflect installed.  The contents of that latter folder are always included in Rescue Media created by the Reflect installation on that system.