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Backup will not start from.bat file after updating to the Latest version of Avast

By kalman8 - 8 February 2017 1:11 PM

After you install the latest version of Avast and you try to run a backup from a batch file.
A dialog opens and scrolls saying "a backup or restore operation is in progress".
This is the workaround I used to resolve the problem.

Go toStart, Programs (All Programs), Utilities

Locatethe shortcut to Macrium “Reflect”.

Rightclick on it andselect “Properties

Locatethe “Compatibility”Tab and select it

Clickon “Changesettings for all users at the bottom

At thebottom of the “Compatibility for all users” tab Check “Run thisprogram as an administrator

Clickon Okay

Clickon Okay again.

If youreceive a security warning accept the change.

By kalman8 - 10 February 2017 4:11 PM

This has been duplicated by me on 20+ computers

Macrium Reflect Version 6.3 .1665

All running Windows 10 Home or Pro Version 1607 build(14.393.693)

A sample of the .bat file is attached. The file wascreated directly from Macrium Reflect.

The first issue is not limited to the batch file, othershave issue running outside of the reflect interface. 

The second issue any schedule job will fail if notconfigured for Windows 10.

The jobs were also created direct from within MacriumReflect.
By kalman8 - 10 February 2017 4:14 PM

@echo off
REM ******************************************************************************
REM * Module Name:   Notebook Drives.bat
REM * Abstract:      This is a template MSDOS batch file generated by Reflect v6
REM *                Modify to add your own functionality if required
REM ******************************************************************************

"C:\utilities\reflect\Reflect.exe" -e -w  -full "C:\Users\Kalman\Documents\Reflect\Notebook Drives.xml" -g

if ERRORLEVEL 3 goto busy
if ERRORLEVEL 2 goto validation_error
if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto backup_error
if ERRORLEVEL 0 goto ok

REM Will never get here if '-w' switch is used
echo A backup or restore operation is in progress
goto again

REM User cancelling a backup or any other error
echo A Backup error has occured
goto end

REM Command line or XML syntax errors
echo A validation error has occured
goto end

echo ok!
goto end

By Stephen - 10 February 2017 4:20 PM

Hello kalman8,

We will reply to your ticket
By Mark R - 10 February 2017 5:25 PM

My scheduled backups also will not run since I updated my Avast Program. Even after deleting and then rescheduling a new backup, the backup will not run. Even when I try to "run now" an incremental backup nothing runs.
By kalman8 - 11 February 2017 3:29 AM

If you are running Windows 10 these steps below will resolve the task scheduler issue.
I use Classic shell in replace of the windows 10 start menu

Step #1
Go to Start, Programs (All Programs), Utilities

Locate the shortcut to Macrium “Reflect”.

Right click on it and select “Properties”

Locate the “Compatibility”Tab and select it

Click on “Change settings for all users at the bottom”

At the bottom of the “Compatibility for all users” tabCheck “Run this program as an administrator”

Click on Okay

Click on Okay again.

If you receive a security warning accept the change.

#Step #2
Configure the task to run "Configure for: Windows 10"
See image below
By Stephen - 13 February 2017 3:25 PM

We have reached out to Avast for assistance on this issue
By Stephen - 13 February 2017 4:38 PM

We have identified the issue and have a workaround. The issue is caused by Avast and the technology it uses to "protect" your computer. Specifically the feature "self-protection".

If you experience this problem please create a support request with Avast and reference this thread. We are more than happy to work with them on a resolution.

The workaround is to disable "self-protection". Please follow these steps:

1) Open Avast
2) Choose "Settings"
3) click on "Troubleshooting"
4) Uncheck "Enable Avast self-defense module"
5) Reboot

By Drac144 - 13 February 2017 10:40 PM

I use Avast but still have an older version of the software installed.  Not sure why I was not notified of the newer version.  If there is a resolution to this issue please add a new post to this thread so I can download the newer version without the workaround.
By Mike A - 21 February 2017 3:58 PM


Macrium have just released an update (Reflect v6.3.1734). This update works around the issue of Avast blocking scheduled tasks.


By kalman8 - 22 February 2017 1:33 PM

Your new version released to fix the above issue causes a new issue.
It generates and error when starting the backup from a command line.
The backup does run and complete.
Error cbt.cpp:108
By Nick - 22 February 2017 1:38 PM


Thanks for posting. 

You can safely ignore this error, it has no effect whatsoever on the backup integrity.  The next update will ensure that it isn't echoed to the command window.