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Unexpected result with restore to Bitlocker disk

By michaelingp - 30 December 2016 8:38 PM

Running Windows 10, new Dell XPS 8900, C:\ encrypted with Bitlocker.
I made a backup as usual, onto a USB hard drive, also encrypted with Bitlocker.
I created a Reflect rescue disc with Bitlocker support, but with "auto decrypt Bitlocker" unchecked (or whatever the exact wording is).
I created a USB thumb drive with the Bitlocker recovery files on it.
I booted to the rescue disk with the thumb drive inserted. Both encrypted drives were visible and readable.
I restored the C:\ drive successfully.
So, everything went well, except:
From my reading, I would have expected the C:\ drive to now be unencrypted (that's how it used to work when I used TrueCrypt)
However, it appears the drive was restored to the encrypted state.
On the next boot after the restore, I was prompted for my Bitlocker PIN, and according to manage-bde the drive was 100% encrypted (and I don't think it could have happened it the time it took to boot up and enter the manage-bde command.
I'm not complaining, because this is exactly how I would like it to work, but I'm a little obsessive about backup and restore, so I want to understand that it's working as designed.
Is this what you'd expect, that the restored drive would be 100% Bitlocker encrypted?
Also, is there any advantage to creating the rescue media on USB thumb drive instead of CD? I prefer CD (easier to write on and store), and from my tests it seemed to work fine.
By Seekforever - 30 December 2016 9:23 PM

No idea about your Bitlocker concerns. However, I feel the USB thumb drive boots up faster than the CD. There is no difference in available features related to the media type.

By Nick - 30 December 2016 10:40 PM

Hi  michaelingp

Thanks for posting. The latest release v6.3.1665, added BitLocker encrypted restore. This means that when restoring to a BitLockered drive, the original encryption remains entact and re-encryption after restore is not necessary.