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Reflect V6 scheduled backups cause Win7 systems to wake - even with "allow wake timers" set to disabled

By claykin - 8 April 2015 3:42 AM

Running V6.0.545 on Win 7 Pro x64.  Creating any type of scheduled backup (from definition file, vbs or ps) causes the system to wake from sleep at the schedule backup time.  I have Windows power management set to DISABLED for "Allow wake timers".  I also have tried to manually edit the schedule tasks to untick the "wake computer to run this task" option.  The job still runs even if the system is sleeping.

Please fix!

BTW, why is your scheduler creating Windows tasks that are XP compatible?  This should be modernized to Win 7 schedule compatible.  I've seen others mention this with no reply from Macrium.  Not good!
By Arvy - 8 April 2015 4:38 AM

If you have already disabled "Allow wake timers" in your system's power management as well as the task-specific "Wake the computer to run this task" option, the only other thing you might want to check are your device-specific "Allow this device to wake the computer" settings.  The latter can sometimes override the more general settings.  You can also use the command line "powercfg /lastwake" to find out more definitively what last woke your computer.
By Gork - 15 April 2015 7:56 AM

As for your first concern I can't add anything that Arvy hasn't already shared.  I find it odd that your computer is waking when Reflect seems to have no built-in way to wake the computer in and of itself, especially seeing as you manually adjusted the Windows Scheduled Task to NOT "wake the computer to run this task."

As for your second concern, this is something I've brought up before.  It seems Macrium did answer the inquiry and basically indicated that Reflect requires none of the additional features available by "modernizing" the scheduled tasks beyond WinXP so there is really no need to do so at this time.  Another user indicated their concern that at some point a new MS OS won't support the older versions of Scheduled Tasks and that could cause a problem, but that isn't a concern of mine.  If it came to that point I have no reason to think Macrium wouldn't make the proper adjustment post haste.