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Move OS to new SSD, same machine, same mobo, but lost 256GB.

By B00m - 23 November 2016 5:16 PM

I decided to move my C: drive containing Windows 10 to a new 512GB SSD because I was running out of space on my old 256GB SSD boot disk. Same PC, same motherboard. So, I created an image of my 256GB SSD, stored it, then copied it to the new SSD. Although no errors were reported, I seem to have the following problems, and I haven't found a solution in either the knowledgebase or the forum:

1.  Now my 512GB SSD with the previously-created image only shows 256GB of space on it when I do a "disk properties." Reflect sure enough shows the extra 256GB of space in gray, but Windows believes there's only 256GB of total space on the thing.

2.  After copying the image to the new 512GB SSD, I see that Windows Explorer is reporting  a folder size of exactly 248,363,452 KB for every folder, and the original 256GB SSD does not have this property - no folder sizes are reported which is the way Windows normally does it.

3.  Thinking this was a problem ReDeploy was designed to solve, I copied the image over to the 512GB SSD, then ran ReDeploy from the Macrium Windows 10 Rescue Disk I created. This seemed to have no effect - I still get the weird folder sizes, I am still missing 256GB of space on the new SSD, and I can't boot from the new 512GB SSD even if I was willing to put up with the disappearance of the extra space.

I suspect I'm supposed to be adjusting the partition sizes of the re-imaged disk (the 512GB one), but I'm not sure what I should be doing there. Also, the weird folder size issue makes me think the image copy over to the new hardware did not go as expected. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
By Seekforever - 23 November 2016 5:30 PM

I would tend to get the SSD setup with the correct size before trying to sort out other problems.

I'm going by memory but there is an item in the Restore window - Restored Partition Properties that you can click on and it will take you to another Window where you can adjust your partition size to match your new drive.

Redeploy is not required to upgrade a disk, it is used to put an image onto a different PC or motherboard where there can be significant driver issues.

By et_and_family - 23 November 2016 10:01 PM

To add to the previous reply. If you are restoring, such as that described in tutorial:  then at step 4. do not click on 'Copy selected partitions'.

If you have existing partitions on the destination hard drive then remove them by selecting each partition in turn and select 'Delete existing partition'. Then you can use the following steps which would apply if you were restoring to a new hard drive: Drag each partition one at a time from the Source to the destination, immediately after dragging a partition from the source to the destination you wish to resize click on 'Restored Partition Properties'. You will get a new dialog where you can resize the partition as in picture below > 'OK'. Only after resizing the partition drag the next partition from Source to Destination which can also be resized as necessary as described.

The following tutorial may also be useful when resizing:

When you resize a partition make sure you leave sufficient space for any further partitions which need to be dragged from the Source to the destination.

The above assumes your disks are not Dynamic, if they are dynamic you will need more information.

Hope this helps
Regards, et
By B00m - 25 November 2016 9:47 PM

Thank you, Seekforever and et; your suggestions worked brilliantly. I'm now able to boot from the new hardware, and the C: drive was mapped to the 512GB SSD automatically.

Thanks again!