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Loving the product, loving the centralized management. Hoping for some greater flexibility regarding the following:
1. Email Notification per Agent - different principals have responsibility for different agents (servers/depts, etc.), being able to send email per agent on their backup status would be great.
2. MMRMG file naming and storage - some agents across VPN links or the Internet will store backups to Local Repositories dedicated to themselves. While the subfolder per agent and serialized folder structure does make sense on a repository shared by multiple agents, when an agent stores to one of its local drive letters, it seem unnecessary. Further being able to include the description in the file name would help for visual inspection when looking at a storage location directly.
3. Remote workforce support - with an extensive remote workforce spread across a diverse geographic region, we have to support these systems with reliable backup we can monitor; there are compliance, insurance and other concerns such that using a Reflect product alone would at best provide an email confirmation and is not sufficient.
   As it stands now, we need to install a full Site Manager instance on these remote systems and link them through Multisite to get the logging feedback, local backup and offsite replicated backup to remote Repositories to satisfy our needs.
   It would be wonderful to have additions to the Agent that include:
   a. the necessary Site Manager functions to allow them to manage their own local repositories (especially drive letter based like Reflect, not just SMB file shares), and
   b. register directly to Multisite to set up repository sync back to our datacenter(s) along with the status and logging details they would provide.

Looking forward to the speed and other improvements coming in 8.1 and hoping these additional thoughts may influence the future product. Thank you.

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