Failures leave undeletable files


My learning curve for viBoot left three folders from failed virtual boots (each crashed my W10 computer with what appeared to be IRQ issues.  I think that most of my troubles came from trying to setup the network virtual switch).  Thus, with each crash, there was no opportunity to Delete the Virtual Machine.  And when W10 restarted I couldn't delete these folders (I think from three separate failures) from viBoot as it reported no Virtual Machines.  And, I couldn't delete them "manually" as the OS reported that they were still open.  In an attempt to start all over, I tried to uninstall viBoot, but the uninstall is stopped because it says there are three drives still associated with viBoot (I presume the three folders).  So I am not sure of how to get rid of them.

On a happier note, I have gotten viBoot to boot my image to the logon screen successfully as your video shows.  If I sign on, and move past that, I have had more crashes.  But, to be honest, if I get to the logon screen, my guess is that validation of the backup for an emergency restore is complete anyway.  My belief is that if I get that far, the backup is probably bullet-proof.  Any thoughts on that would be much appreciated as well.

As well, thank for working on software for this very important step -- restore, not backup, is the criterion of success:-)  My allegiance to True Image is being seriously challenged as Acronis doesn't have this ability. 

John Morris 

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