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I have an ongoing problem with backups. When I try to run a backup manually the program says "MACRIUM IS BUSY".
I have to restart entire PC to get this working. The other option is to go to process list and kill all those running tasks. I understand that when the backup is running this message would be obvious.  The problem is that if I start backup the day before and the backup has completed it is still seen as "Running"/ This is insane !  I have asked support to do something about it and after half a year no improvement !
I also requested to fix the problem with not being able to edit existing backups while the backup is running. Why I cannot change setting to the backup (which is not the one actually processed) ? All other programs I've used could do this.
Cleanup is another problem. Every time I want to restore some files and Macrium creates its temporary virtual drive, I have to go and manually remove it. From time to time the removal does not work  leaving me with extra folder which is pain on a but to deal with and it is such a waste of time.

I would really, really want DEVs to fix those issues since they have been reported numerous times.

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This is now the SIXTH thread you've created with some variation of this complaint.  Given that reality, have you considered that creating forum topics over and over again about this might not be a productive path toward resolution?  Are you figuring that the sixth, seventh, or tenth thread might be the charm?  And actually, one of your threads -- this one -- ended with a response from Macrium Support asking you to submit a support ticket.  Did you actually do that?  If not (or even if you did, given that that was now almost a year ago), maybe try submitting a formal support ticket rather than creating threads here for the cases where you're encountering a Busy response unexpectedly.

Reflect always being busy when you attempt to run a manual backup is not normal, as-designed behavior.  That means that the behavior you're seeing is probably due to something specific about your PC environment that's affecting Reflect.  And THAT means that the FIX is going to involve either making a change to whatever is affecting Reflect in your setup, or possibly updating Reflect so that it isn't affected by whatever aspect of your environment is causing that behavior.  But EITHER WAY, it's probably going to involve you collaborating with Macrium so they can perform some analysis on your specific environment, which means that just making rant threads demanding a fix isn't going to be useful.  In order to figure out what the fix should be, Macrium would have to understand the cause of problem, and the problem you're experiencing is not typical behavior, so they can't just install Reflect somewhere to see the behavior you're seeing.

And then for editing definition files while Reflect is busy, maybe consider using the WISH LIST section of the forum to create a topic requesting the ability to edit definition files while a backup is running, since that would be an enhancement request, not a problem report.  As a general bit of advice, it helps to separate problem reports from enhancement requests, since they are two completely different things.

And lastly, you could also just add new posts to existing threads rather than creating brand new ones every time....

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One might think there is not much left to say after JP's response.

However I would like to add my three cents (inflation). When someone asks a software company to add a feature that would make a product "nicer" for them, it often appears as if that person has no concept of the cost to make such a change and the number of other users of the product whoi who would value that change.

Certainly there is freeware and shareware which do not require payment for use and which are often (or at least were in the past) created by people providing the software as a hobby or as something fun and interesting for them to do. For those products it may not matter how hard the feature would be to implement (just an added challenge to the developer) or how many users would ever use it.  As an example, JP spends a LOT of time on this forum helping people and not getting any payment for his time or expertise. So feel free to make suggestions to him about how you think he should add or change his support. Tongue

However Reflect is NOT in that category.  Macrium is a FOR profit company that has employees to pay. It pays taxes and utilities and, well, they are not maintaining Reflect as a side activity when not doing their real job.  So when making suggestions for enhancements, maybe take a moment and decide whether this is something that is really going to make, not only your life, but the lives of MANY other users, better. If the change is to accommodate some particular habit or situation that is not something other people do, then maybe consider why so many other people do NOT need this feature. You know that because this program has existed for many years and that feature has not been implemented.  Still, there is no time limit on good ideas, so occasionally someone comes up with something that others have not considered.  In that case, make a suggestion.  But keep in mind it is just a suggestion and unless the idea has a wide appeal, do not expect that Macrium will implemented it just because of your suggestion.  Your payment to Macrium to use Reflect is for the existing product - it does not include the RIGHT to get your wishes granted. 

The best way to insure that ALL your suggestions are implemented in Reflect is to buy Macrium! 

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