Moving the Windows partition from one SSD to another SSD that has System Reserved Partition

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jphughan - 1 March 2021 9:01 PM
Hey Spilly,

I can see two places where you may have gone wrong that probably didn't help matters.

First, switching to Legacy Boot in order to boot Rescue.  That should not have been necessary.  If your Rescue Media was built on WinPE/RE 4 later (this is indicated in the title bar at the very top of the Rescue interface), then it supports UEFI booting, and if you have a CD containing a bootable environment that supports UEFI mode, then you should be able to boot it in UEFI mode.  The reason this can matter is that the fixes attempted by Fix Boot Problems depend on how the Rescue Media itself was booted.  So you essentially attempted Legacy BIOS fixes on a UEFI installation of Windows.

The other change I'd make to your setup is to run Fix Boot Problems and perform your first test boot without the source HDD connected.  This might mean that you need to perform the clone, then shut down, then disconnect the HDD, then boot into Rescue AGAIN specifically to run Fix Boot Problems so that Reflect will only see a single Windows environment.  And then your system will only see a single bootable disk when you reboot after that.

And as a last note, if you moved from a SATA HDD to an NVMe SSD rather than a SATA SSD, then you may also have to run ReDeploy in the Rescue environment so that Reflect updates the Windows environment as needed to load the NVMe class driver at startup.  Make sure you're using Rescue Media created by a reasonably recent version of Reflect since Macrium made some ReDeploy enhancements recently.

Good luck!

What a helpful reply! And QUICK too

1) Legacy boot. 
It was an official HP article that misled me, possibly an early issue as I didn't filter on date
I felt a little uncomfortable during all the UEFI hassle, as I do this v. rarely, yet I felt sure you should just tap F9 and you get the boot options
You are confirming that's so. Great! That feels right.

2) Fix Boot.
I reckon the SSD windows has not been touched since it was cloned
So I shall try Rescue Boot and straight in Fix Boot; all done in UEFI mode
It either works or it doesn't. I'll soon know.
If fails, I'll re-clone from macrium backup... No sweat

3) It is a SATA SSD, not NvMe, so I think I'm OK.  Not that I knew about the NVMe driver issue though

This is actually a friend's PC, and my own is working OK, which helps

I was all cocky this morning, and it all went pear shaped.
Your reply has restored my confidence. I wasn't that far off.
And I've learned something about hidden implications of UEFI v Legacy too

Ten out of Ten to you and the forum I think
- but I won't really know for sure till I try it!!



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